Avatar DVD and Blu-Ray Release Corrupts Earth Day

James Cameron and Twentieth Century Fox apparently couldn’t manage to make the release of Avatar on DVD and Blu-ray into a national holiday, so they decided to borrow one instead. Fox Home Entertainment announced Tuesday the 2-D version of the sci-fi epic film will hit shelves in the U.S. and Canada on April 22, otherwise known as Earth Day. A date for the 3-D version of the film to be released has not yet been announced.

'Avatar' (Twentieth Century Fox)
'Avatar' (Twentieth Century Fox)

Since Avatar is all about the nasty commercially-driven Earthlings attacking the nature-loving residents of Pandora, we’re sure they thought it would be fabulously cheesy to release the film on a holiday dedicated to celebrating environmentalism. We just think it’s kind of lame.

Avatar has already earned over $2.6 billion in worldwide ticket sales and the studio will no doubt earn hundreds of millions more from DVD and Blu-ray sales. While we’re out planting trees and picking up trash, the folks behind Avatar will be locked in their corporate high-rises giggling greedily over the growing balance of their bank accounts.

We have a suggestion. How about for every DVD or Blu-ray they sell on Earth Day, they dedicate the profits to an environmental cause instead of using them to line their own overstuffed pockets? That at least might make their use of Earth Day as a corporate marketing tool a little easier to swallow.

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