Amy Winehouse: This Is Your Weave On Drugs

LATEST UPDATE: Amy Winehouse Autopsy Reveals Little About Singer’s Death

Damn. ALL the bees have left the ‘hive. Amy Winehouse crawled out last night to “DJ” again. She was 2 hours late. People were pissed, and a lot of them left. Amy was effed up. Amy was hanging with the crackies of Babyshambles. Why does this feel like deja-vu?

Amy’s gonna be 25 tomorrow. Amy may be 25 forever. Replace the fried-egg “this is your brain on drugs” ad with this pic of Amy. It’s gonna work a HELL of a lot better than that damn egg! If this doesn’t scare the shizz out of anyone who wants to give crack, or meth, or heroin, or 48 bottles of Jack Daniels a whirl…nothing will.
Try some Binaural Beats instead!

This public service announcement is courtesy of Amy fuggin’ Wino.