Backstreet’s back… in rehab

Just when it looks like the Backstreet Boys are poised to take over the world again, A.J. McLean has announced that he’s going to take some time off now before the tour to “get himself right” – i.e. he’s owning up to his substance abuse issues yet again, and he’s returning to rehab.

This decision came after McLean realized that being high all the time was interfering with the band’s preparation for their big summer tour with New Kids on the Block.  McLean has been tweeting about his return to rehab, his third in the past decade.  He thanked the fans for there support, and emphasized that he’s doing this because he wants this to be a good year rather than an embarrassing one.  Excellent choice.

American Music Awards full of great performances

Last night’s American Music Award ceremony was one of the best I can remember in several years.  A lot of great things happened on that stage, including a great performance from Taylor Swift, who looked completely different with straight hair.

Rihanna’s opening medley was a mixture of fun and serious, but later in the show New Kids on the Block teamed up with Backstreet Boys to keep it all light and fun, giving a hint of what their tour will be like next year.  For me, though, the performance of the night was the Black Eyed Peas – even though I don’t have a lot of love for Fergie, I have to admit their future-tastic neon performance was pretty cool, if not a bit dated.

Dina Lohan Screws Ali Again

Momager Dina Lohan has once again proved that she’s a moron. A greedy moron, at that. Even though daughter Ali Lohan sucks at singing, music manager Johnny Wright reportedly wanted Ali to be a management client, and help her with her “music career.”

Johnny isn’t some no-name dude. He manages the Jonas Brothers, Danity Kane, and formerly managed N*Sync and The Backstreet Boys. Hmmm. Let’s see. The Jonas Brothers seem like they’re enjoying a good bit of success these days! Danity Kane’s not doing too poorly either. N*Sync and The Backstreet Boys paved the way for the JoBros, and blew the doors off of the music biz.

Reportedly, Dina thinks she can do a better job of exploiting managing Ali than Johnny would. And, Dina wants to keep the 100% management fee she gets from Ali’s “career”. Newsflash, Dina. 100% of nothing = nothing. A few months ago, Ali released her debut song “All the Way Around.” It made ZERO impression on the music industry, and music lovers. Click the link if you want to hear why, but be forewarned…get the duct tape out first and secure your head.

Maybe Dina’s really done everyone a favor. By continuing to “manage” Ali’s singing “career”, she’s keeping us from having to hear her on the radio. Come to think of it- thanks, Dina! Good luck with Ali’s supermodel career too!

Boy Band Mogul Lou Perlman Gets 25 Years For Fraud

The Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync’s svengali/exploiter Lou Perlman was sentenced to 25 years in prison today for defrauding investors and banks to the tune of $300 million dollars. For 20 years Perlman lured investors into placing millions of dollars into two companies that didn’t exist. Perlman faked financial statements to keep the curious at bay. For 20 YEARS!

Classy Perlman’s victims included his family and friends, and elderly people who lost their life savings in the scams. Naturally, the judge was quite unsympathetic towards Perlman, and slapped him with 25 years in the big house. Perlman tried to buy time because he’s launching a new European pop band called “US 5” in the United States and Asia! Judge doesn’t give a shiz about new boy bands. He’s also too smart to buy Lou’s snake oil about the “significant profits” US 5 would be earning which could be used to pay back his victims.

The Backstreet Boys and N’Sync both realized into their relationships with Perlman that he was cheating them blind, and have spoken in the past about their horrible experiences. It will be interesting to see if any of Lou’s former prodigies speak out about his upcoming great adventure.