Papz Beat Up Little Ken Paves, Jessica Simpson Rushes Him To Hospital

TMZ is reporting that a crazy paparazzi busted Jessica Simpson’s BFF and bad weave pusher hairdresser extraordinaire Ken Paves in the FACE last night with his camera! Reportedly, Paves was leading Jessica out of the restaurant Madeo, trying to help her through the crowd of nutty papz, when an overzealous one popped him face-on near his eye. Paves was bleeding profusely, and Jessica had to rush him to the hospital. Let this be a warning to all celebs- be extra careful on a slow news night…the papz get extra aggressive! It’s the economy, stupid! As of this writing, no police charges have been reported, but the offending photographer shouldn’t get TOO comfy. Pick on somebody your own size!

photo credit: TMZ