Sienna Miller’s Moving In With Married Mr. Getty

Well THAT didn’t take long! Actually, it’s about par for Sienna-speed. The Mirror is reporting that Sienna Miller is about to move in with married, father-of-four, Balthazar Getty – just a few weeks after dumping Rhys Ifans. Sienna’s been hanging out with the billionaire, and the papz have gotten some STEAMY shots of a topless Sienna mugging it up with Getty in Italy.

Balthazar is heir to an incredible $50 billion dollar fortune. He apparently invited Sienna to move in to his mansion after their Italian holiday. She’d been staying over a LOT already, as his furious wife Rosetta had taken the kids and moved out. Sienna told a few friends that Getty had dropped some hints about moving in. Then during the holiday their feelings for each other got stronger. One pal said:

She doesn’t really want to move into the family home because of all the history with his ex wife, so they are planning to buy somewhere new. But her friends are worried she’s rushing into it.

She’s not quite an ex, yet! Get ready for a MAJOR battle for the bucks! And while Sienna has a reputation for rushing into and out of relationships, Getty’s billions may prove to be the glue that keeps her sticking around.