Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize Speech – VIDEO

President Barack Obama appeared in Oslo, Norway on Thursday to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, a prestigious award some believe he has not yet earned. In his Nobel Peace Prize speech accepting the award, Obama acknowledged the controversy regarding his nomination.

Barack Obama - Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony
Barack Obama - Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

“I have no doubt that there are others that may be more deserving,” Obama said. “My task here is to continue on the path that I believe is not only important for America but important for lasting peace in the world.”

The Nobel committee has been widely criticized for awarding the Peace Prize to President Obama as a virtually untried freshman president. Others, however, argue that the award was given to Obama as a symbol of hope the American president will bring positive change to the world stage.

A handful of protesters stood vigil outside the peace prize ceremony, with one holding a sign reading: “Obama you won it, now earn it.” Which, in the end, may be the best sentiment expressed about the whole controversy.

Check out the Obama Nobel Nobel Peace Prize speech below: 

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