Weird News: Better Marriage Blanket Saves Your Spouse From Farts!

When we first saw the commercial for a crazy thing called the Better Marriage Blanket, we totally thought it was a spoof. Like one of those fake Saturday Night Live commercials for some totally ridiculous product. Apparently, however, the blanket that protects your spouse from having to smell your nighttime farts actually appears to be for real.

Better Marriage SF

Yes, you can apparently order a blanket designed to keep your marriage bed from getting stinky from your spouse’s flatulence. This product is so hysterical; we can’t even look at the company’s website without breaking down into giggling fits.

“Almost everyone knows the silent but deadly effects of flatulence on relationships.  For couples, nothing can spoil the romantic aura more quickly!  It can be funny but it can also be a nuisance,” the website for the Better Marriage Blanket proclaims.

The Better Marriage Blanket is “made using the same kind of activated carbon fabric found in Military Chemical Suits!” It’s guaranteed to keep those smelly farts away from your delicate nose while you sleep!

Either this is one of the most amusing products to be created since the Snuggie, or someone out there is playing a hell of a massive practical joke. We’re almost tempted to order one of these things just for the amusement factor – and to see if it is really real and actually works!

Okay, we can’t even talk about this anymore or we’re going to end up spewing coffee through our nose. But if you need even more chuckles after watching the commercial, just head over to and read the testimonials page. Seriously, this stuff is genius funny.

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