Dawn Holland tells police to back off

Dawn Holland, the woman who lost her job at the Betty Ford Center after the altercation with Lindsay Lohan in which Holland says she was the victim and Lohan says Holland was the attacker, has gone to bat for Lindsay in a surprising turn of events.

Holland said that she thinks the Palm Desert Police should have better things to do than persecute a young woman in recovery, and that jail is no place for a recovering addict to be.  Holland went on to say that she wishes they would just drop the whole thing, and that she’s suspicious of the police’s motives.  Personally, I’m suspicious of Holland’s motives – why on earth is she so eager for them to drop this if she really believes she’s the victim?

Lindsay Lohan in yet another dispute

Drama seems to follow Lindsay Lohan wherever she goes, but this time it looks like it might not even be her fault.  Dawn Holland, a worker at the Betty Ford Center where Lindsay is in rehab, has alleged that a drunken Lindsay attacked her and sprained her arm.  Lindsay attests that Holland attacked her first, and that furthermore she was not drinking.

She claims that security camera footage will back up her story, and that she asked repeatedly to take a breathalyzer so she could prove her sobriety, but Holland refused to administer it.  Holland has since been fired for talking to the press (and therefore violating the BFC’s confidentiality agreement)… oh, and it turns out Holland has previously been arrested for assaulting her own husband.

Lindsay Lohan will be in rehab over Christmas and the New Year

A judge once again spared Lindsay Lohan the indignity of having to do jail time (I swear that girl is made of teflon), and has instead ordered that Lohan remain where she is, doing a rehab stint at the Betty Ford Center.  This decision was made over numerous protests from the prosecutor that Lohan isn’t likely to learn her lesson unless she does some significant jail time, and that the fact that judges keep cutting her slack where they wouldn’t with others only reinforces Lohan’s belief that she can get away with anything because of her celebrity.

Lohan has been ordered to remain in rehab until the 3rd of January, but it remains to be seen whether she will continue to stay at Betty Ford or be moved to another facility, as she has already complained that Betty Ford is too expensive and is quickly emptying her bank account.