Lindsay Lohan thinks she’s above the law… again

Life is just a never-ending stream of court cases for Lindsay Lohan, and she never seems to think that anything bad will ever happen to her.  In the latest drama, the fight with the Betty Ford nurse back in December has come back to haunt Lindsay, and she’s being charged with assault for the incident.

Lindsay, however, thinks the charges will be dropped, as several of her friends witnessed the event in question, and she’s confident they will all report that Lindsay never assaulted anyone.  Meanwhile, Necklacegate rages on, and Lindsay has refused the plea agreement – the case is going to trial, which means Lindsay could face real prison time if convicted.

Lindsay Lohan gets a couple of sober friends

Lindsay Lohan is finally making a few smart decisions in her life about friends and role models – she currently has at least one sober friend, and a new sober roommate.  Tom Hardy, one of the stars of Inception, has been sober for nearly eight years, and was introduced to LiLo recently in the hopes that she would listen to someone who has been where she is now, tempted to fall back into the same old patterns.

As for the roommate, Lindsay is currently living with a girl she met at Betty Ford, one who apparently can’t afford to pay rent – Lindsay is letting her live there for free.  The girl may be a freeloader, but at least she’s sober, so it’s a step in the right direction.

Lindsay Lohan on a rehab intermission shopping trip

I’m not sure exactly how this was allowed to happen, but it seems that Lindsay Lohan has been let out of rehab for a break to go shopping.  She went to Forever 21 with a friend and loaded up on loungewear, which is presumably what she needs a lot of now that she’s living in a treatment center.

I’m very confused by this development, as I thought the entire point of the judge setting her release date for January is so she’d be in Betty Ford during the tempting holiday season.  But if she gets trips out do do unsupervised recreational activities, what exactly is the point of ordering her to stay in rehab?  It’s like these people still don’t get just how sneaky she can be when she wants to.

Lindsay Lohan taking her rehab seriously, as usual

You would think that rehab would be the last place Lindsay Lohan would get in trouble, and that someone who entered the Betty Ford clinic voluntarily might take their recovery seriously.  However, Lindsay Lohan was caught attempting to climb a fence to gain access to the adjacent Eisenhower Medical Center, where there are vending machines selling Coke.  

This may not sound like a big deal, but caffeine is on the list of forbidden substances for patients at Betty Ford, and Lindsay Lohan both understood and agreed to abide by this rule for the duration of her stay.  She and a fellow patient were spotted by guards after they had some trouble climbing the fence.  They were returned to their rooms without incident.