Betty White SNL Cut Sketches Video!

Saturday Night Live ratings went through the roof this weekend when Betty White took to the stage after a massive Facebook campaign landed her the SNL hosting gig. We thought it was one of the most amusing SNL shows in years and apparently American agreed, giving the show the best ratings it has had since November, 2008.

Betty White on 'Saturday Night Live' (NBC)
Betty White on 'Saturday Night Live' (NBC)

For those who got a huge kick out of watching Betty White on Saturday Night Live talking about her “muffin” repeatedly, NBC has another treat for you. The network has released several ‘web exclusive’ Betty White SNL sketches that didn’t air Saturday night for fans to enjoy.

The sketches were reportedly cut because of time, not for content, although frankly we could always do without having to watch SNL‘s stupidly annoying Debbie Downer. We’ll endure it for Betty White’s sake this time though.

What did you think about Betty White on SNL? Too raunchy, or just damn good fun all the way around? Obviously, we are kind of biased toward the latter…

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