Big Brother 12: Episode 17 – Head of Household and Nominations Recap

Last night’s episode of Big Brother 12 was packed with plenty of drama and some very interesting surprise twists! We give you a brief rundown on what happened, plus a few extra spoilers that took place after the show!

Ragan and Britney Big Brother 12
Ragan and Britney on BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

On Big Brother last night, we saw the end of the Head of Household competition. When we left the Houseguests in the previous episode, they were struggling to untangle themselves from a giant spider web of rope. The contest wasn’t finished by the end of the live show and left fans waiting to know who would end up the winner.

For those who didn’t watch the rest of the competition on the Big Brother Live Feeds, it wasn’t long before it was obvious who was probably going to take the competition. Brendon got the upper hand and pretty much kept it. Half the other Houseguests didn’t even really seem to be trying. If you’ve been watching the Live Feeds, you already know why – especially in the case of Enzo and Hayden.

Brendon finally won the Head of Household competition hands down. He also received the right to name the three Have-Nots for the week and chose Britney, Ragan and Matt. Ragan and Britney both pretty much ended up in tears over this during the next few hours.

At the Nomination Ceremony later on the show, Brendon put up Ragan and Lane for elimination. Ragan is the Saboteur, so if he goes home, he’ll lose out on that $20,000 he’s been trying to earn by pranking the other Houseguests.

Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto, of course, so he could choose to shake things up – especially with fellow Brigade alliance member Lane on the block.

Then again, you just never know what kind of insanity is going to happen in the Big Brother house! If you’d like more details on last night’s episode, plus BIG spoilers about what has happened since, visit our friends over at for more!

Big Brother 12: Head of Household and Nominations Recap

Big Brother 12 this year is starting to seem a bit like watching a science-fiction movie about people stuck in a time loop. Week after the week, the same Houseguests end up in the spotlight. The same drama keeps flaring up and the same demonic redhead keeps invading our nightmares after every show.

Big Brother 12 Brendon and Rachel
Brendon and Rachel (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

At the end of the last episode, Big Brother 12 fans were left wondering who would end up winning the Head of Household competition. The Houseguests were tasked with holding on to the side of a giant, spinning paint can while being blasted with a slippery paint-like substance and whacked with a giant paintbrush.

We thought it might be one of those truly epic endurance contests from Big Brother shows past, with the Houseguests hanging on for hours and hours. Unfortunately, this season’s Houseguests are pretty much wimps all around.

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Big Brother 12 Eviction and HOH Competition!

Tonight on CBS, Big Brother 12 had it’s fourth eviction and hardly anyone was surprised by who ended up going home. Plus, the Big Brother Houseguests launched a heated competition in what host Julie Chen called the “most important” Head of Household game ever. Whoever wins the HOH competition this week will potentially have the chance to be the “most powerful” HOH on Big Brother this season.

Hayden & Kristen (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

In case you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Big Brother yet, we don’t want to spoil it for you. Let’s just say there is quite a shocking revelation about the eliminated Houseguest. We couldn’t believe what was revealed on national television about them! We can also tell you the HOH competition is something special indeed. If you just have to know what happened in full detail, we direct you over to our friends at for all the scoop!

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Big Brother 12 Cast: Houseguests Revealed – Photos and Video!

CBS has just announced the Big Brother 12 houseguests for the new season! The competitors this season on Big Brother competing for half a million dollars range from a 22-year-old hotel sales manager to a 40-year-old deputy sheriff. One of these houseguests, however, is not like the others!

BIG BROTHER 12 Houseguests (
BIG BROTHER 12 Houseguests (

CBS has revealed that one of the 13 Big Brother houseguests this season is actually an official Big Brother Saboteur. They won’t be competing for the cash prize. Instead, they’ll be bent on creating as much disruption as possible among the other houseguests. Sounds like too much fun!

Get all the scoop on the new Big Brother 12 cast and more over with our friends at and

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Big Brother 12 Countdown: New Commercial and Live Feed Special!

The new season of Big Brother launches in less than a month and we’re already jonesing for all the scandal and drama to come! This week CBS launched a new Big Brother 12 commercial and we’ve learned RealNetworks SuperPass will be offering a Big Brother 12 Live Feed special discount starting on Friday.

Big Brother 12 premieres on July 8 and CBS is promising new competitions, new twists and plenty of hot action on this year’s beach-themed show. The new CBS Big Brother 12 official site is also now online, although there isn’t much information up yet. We can’t wait to see the new houseguests for the season – we wish they would hurry up already!

The new Big Brother 12 commercial may, possibly, show us a couple of blurry shots of the newest houseguests. On the other hand, they could just be actor stand-ins, it’s hard to tell.

Meanwhile, our friends over at have announced a pre-season Early Bird Special deal for the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds starting at midnight on Friday. Until July 7, BB fans can sign up for the 24/7 Big Brother 12 Live Feeds for a discounted $29.99 for the whole season. That’s a savings of $10.00 off the regular price. Check out the details on the special here.

Watch Big Brother 12 on SuperPass. Can't see on TV

We’ll be getting ourselves the SuperPass Big Brother 12 Live Feed as an early birthday present. Because you know they don’t show you all the really good, crazy, naughty stuff on TV!

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Big Brother 2 Winner Will Kirby Delivers Baby

Big Brother season two winner Dr. Will Kirby delivered a baby boy on Monday – his own! Kirby, who also came in 4th on Big Brother 7: All-Stars, is now the proud father of son Cash Kirby, who he brought into the world with his own hands.

Dr. Will Kirby (CBS)
Dr. Will Kirby (CBS)

Dr. Kirby – aka “Dr. Evil” from Big Brother 2 – doesn’t normally make a habit of delivering babies either professionally or personally. Kirby is not an OB/GYN; he’s actually a dermatologist specializing in surgical and cosmetic dermatology procedures. 

Apparently that didn’t matter when fiancée Erin Brodie of For Love or Money  fame went into labor. Dr. Will Kirby reportedly launched into action and delivered the baby boy himself! reports baby Cash Kirby is doing great and weighed in at 7 lbs 3.9 oz.

Does anyone else find it kind of amusing that two serial reality TV contestants named their baby Cash???

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