Big Brother 13 Houseguest Cassi Colvin to Appear on The Bold and The Beautiful

Evicted Big Brother 13 houseguests Cassi Colvin didn’t last long on this season of the wildly popular reality TV show. However, the gorgeous 26-year-old model will get the chance to grace the small screen once again very soon.

Texas native Cassi Colvin will play a character not far from reality when she appears on The Bold and The Beautiful in October as a runway model named, yes, Cassi. The ‘character’ of Cassi will be involved with a hot new “Hope for the Future” fashion line on the show and will tape her scenes on September 15.

Cassi Colvin will also be seen on TV again when she returns to Big Brother 13 on September 14, for the season finale.

Country beauty Cassi did not reveal to the other Big Brother 13 houseguests that she was a professional model to prevent jealously issues. She told TV Guide magazine that she has modelled since she was 11 and worked all over the world from New York to Hong Kong.

Colvin also revealed that she was chosen by Tyra Banks for the first season of America’s Next Top Model but decided to bow out. “The show wanted girls who [appeared to be] green so they wanted me to drop my agents,” Colvin told TV Guide. “I just couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t burn my bridges. And I have no regrets.”

Despite hiding her model identity, Colvin still ended up the victim of an early eviction. She at least partially blamed her eviction on returning houseguest Rachel Reilly being jealous of her.

Cassi Colvin is not the first houseguest to land a guest appearance on The Bold and The Beautiful. Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, who returned to Big Brother this year for their second season, appeared on the soap opera in October, 2009. (A reader notes that Brendon and Rachel also appeared on The Bold and The Beautiful, but frankly we didn’t care so we just didn’t bother to mention it. But fine, yeah, they appeared on it too.)

Big Brother 13 Premiere Tonight on CBS: Plus A Spoiler!

Big Brother 13 premieres on CBS tonight and we can’t wait for the drama, catfighting, backstabbing and manipulation to begin! The Big Brother 2011 season will officially kick off at 9PM ET/PT with the CBS Big Brother 13 premiere. After the show is over, Big Brother fans can tune in to the first airing of the Big Brother live feeds and Showtime’s Big Brother After Dark.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to meet the eight new houseguests, you can check out some great profiles of each of the cast members below, courtesy of our friends at

• Adam Poch: A 39 year-old Music Inventory Manager from Hoboken, NJ
• Cassi Colvin: A 26 year-old model from Nashville, TN.
• Dominic Briones: A 25 year-old college student from San Mateo, CA.
• Kalia Booker: A 30-year old writer from Los Angels, CA.
• Keith Henderson: A 32 year-old Human Resources Manager from Boilingbrook, IL.
• Lawon Exum: A 29-year old Legal File Clerk from Inglewood, CA.
• Porsche Briggs: A VIP Cocktail Waitress from Miami, FL.
• Shelly Moore: A 41-year old Outdoors Industry Executive from Prairieville, LA.

In a new twist this season, Big Brother will be bringing back three “Dynamic Duos” from past seasons to complete the cast for this year. We have heard some strong rumors so far about which ‘duos’ will be returning, but we don’t want to spoil anything for fans out there who don’t want to know until the premiere.

So if you want the dish on who is allegedly going to be coming back to Big Brother, you can check out the SPOILER ALERT below. If you don’t, then STOP reading now!

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