Big Brother 13 Premieres July 7 – Live Feed Special Launches!

Big Brother 13 premiers on July 7th and we can’t wait to see what kind of insane drama will happen in the Big Brother house this year! If you are a Big Brother fan, it’s time to get your TiVos and DVRs primed and ready to record the craziest reality show on television as Big Brother 13 hits the airwaves on CBS in less than a month.

And for those uber fans out there who just can’t stand to miss out on any of the uncensored and naughty tidbits they won’t show you on TV, it’s time to get on board and sign up for the Big Brother live feeds! For a very limited time only, Big Brother fans can sign up to get the whole season of live feeds for just $29.99. That works out to just $9.99 per month, a savings of $4.99 per month off the regular price. The cost goes back up when Big Brother 13 premiers on July 7th. The links here should take you to the early bird special page from our partner site,, but if you should need it, the discount code is BB13QTEARLY.

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Once again this year, RealNetworks SuperPass will be offering live feed access into the Big Brother house. This means you can flip on those Big Brother live feeds day or night and watch all the action you never get to see on the TV show episodes. We’re talking nasty catfights, nakedness all over the place, hot shower scenes and even under-the-cover action when those naughty houseguests get the hook-up going on!

Check out what else you get with the RealNetworks SuperPass BB13 live feeds:

* Live video feeds from inside the Big Brother house day and night.
* Four Big Brother house cameras going at all times to capture every bit of drama going on from the houseguests.
* A huge community of Big Brother fans gathered together to talk smack about the show and what’s going on in the feeds.
* Special live events and guests on the Big Brother live feeds stream you won’t find anywhere else.
*Updated flashback feature so you can go back and catch anything juicy you missed!
* $10 in free mp3 music downloads every month from Rhapsody!

Big Brother will also be streaming live feeds to mobile phones and tablets as well. We’ve heard news RealNetworks has confirmed that Android 2.2 and iPhones, iPads and iPods using iOS4 will be able access the live feeds this season. Check back for more on the mobile options for BB13 live feed viewing soon.

>> Sign up for your Big Brother 13 live feeds now at the special early bird discount price! Special ends July 6th.