Bill Clinton Aliens Video: “Wouldn’t Be Surprised” If They Visit Someday

Even with all the whole thing about the cigar and Monica Lewinsky, we like former president Bill Clinton. Aliens talk and all. Maybe even especially because he seems to believe in visitors from outer space, as he made clear on his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In his interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday, former president Bill Clinton said he had made sure to research Area 51 “to make sure there was no alien down there.” To be honest, that’s probably one of the very first things we would do if elected president. Even though we doubt the ultra secret black operations department in charge of alien conspiracies would tell us if there were aliens “down there” or anywhere. If aliens do exist, the president probably doesn’t know about it!

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Bill Clinton to up the celebrity ante for Hangover 2

This movie is becoming the most talked about film in ages in terms of who’s in, who’s out, and so forth.  The latest star to film a cameo for the comedy sequel?  Former President Bill Clinton, who flew all the way to Thailand so that he could shoot his scenes last weekend.  This may be the exact boost the movie needed so that people can finally let go of the Mel Gibson thing, since Gibson got fired from his cameo after the whole Oksanagate thing became a huge deal.

This is now shaping up to be a pretty great flick, what with the cast from the first Hangover, plus Liam Neeson and now Clinton.  It’ll be interesting to see if they try to get any other big names to come in and film cameos, though I think it doesn’t really get much bigger than having a former US President in the credits

Former President Bill Clinton Released from Hospital

Former President Bill Clinton was released from New York Presbyterian Hospital Thursday morning. Clinton was hospitalized on Wednesday after experiencing chest pains for several days.

Bill Clinton (Photo: dbking - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Bill Clinton (Photo: dbking - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

“President Bill Clinton was released from in excellent health,” spokesman Douglas Band said in a press statement released this morning. “He looks forward in the days ahead to getting back to the work of his foundation, and to Haiti relief and recovery efforts.”

Clinton rested in the hospital overnight after having two stents inserted into a clogged coronary artery. The former president underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery in 2004. The blockage was reportedly in one of the bypass grafts placed during that surgery. Clinton was back on his feet within only a few hours of the procedure.

Clinton’s cardiologist, Alan Schwartz, told reporters the former president is doing very well and has been cleared to return to work on Monday.

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Chris Rock On Bill Clinton & The View, Alaska And Moose

Ahhh, the economy is BEYOND being in the crapper. It is CRISIS TIME!!! The boyz on the Hill are talking “Great Depression”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Global Meltdown.” And there ain’t shit we little people can do about it. Unless you’re a damn good survivalist! We can’t find freakin’ gas in Nashville! So… here’s a bit of levity from Chris Rock on David Letterman the other night. It won’t bring back the value of the dollar, or your 401k, or make ’em take the damn bags off of the gas pump handles. Snarkista’s not gonna lie to you about that. UNLIKE OUR POLITICIANS!!! But Chris is still funny. Thank God some things are still the same.

Jib Jab’s Fab Presidential Campaign Spoof!

Ah, Snarkista LOVES satire!! It’s Time For Some Campaignin! The fab folks at Jib Jab have released their latest presidential campaign spoof, and NO ONE is safe! It’s awesome, and the quality is splendiforous. You MUST check it out… you can even put yourself in the video!! Kudos to the Jib Jabbers!

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