Another Portman body double speaks up

You have to wonder just how much of Natalie Portman‘s acting is actually hers.  First there was the body double from Black Swan who claimed that Natalie did almost none of the dancing she got so much praise for, and now a second double from the film Your Highness says that she was hired to strip down and dive into some water when Portman found the water too cold for her liking.

The double, Caroline Davis, admits that most of the scene in question features Portman’s body, but when it came to actually getting in the water, Portman drew the line and asked if someone else could be brought in to do it instead.

Fox Searchlight says Natalie Portman did her own dancing

Late last week, a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre claimed that she was the victim of a scam by Fox Searchlight, who were determined to tell whatever lies they had to tell to get an Oscar for Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

Sara Lane, who served as Portman’s body double, claims that Portman did less than 5% of the ballet dancing in the film, and that her face was digitally added to Lane’s body for most of the dance scenes.  Fox Searchlight says this claim is nonsense, and that Natalie did actually managed to learn how to dance like a professional in the 18 months she had to train for the role.  Lane says that’s simply impossible, that no one can dance like a pro after that short a training period.