Amy Winehouse Got Trashed And Went To The Hospital Again

amy-winehouse-s-lucia-permAmy Wino’s been terrorizing the Caribbean isle of St. Lucia while attempting some DIY rehab. Except in Amy’s rehab you get to smoke pot and drink. Amy majorly overtreated herself and turned into a “shaking mess”, necessitating a trip to the hospital.

A source told The Sun that: “she looked in a terrible state, a shaking mess. The people with her were very concerned.”

A spokesman for Amy admitted she was in hospital. He said she had run out of a drug replacement she has been using. No weed in the Caribbean?! Must be climate change.

Wino always takes a licking that would kill a normal person, but she keeps on (literally) kicking. When she sneezes, it snows in the Caribbean. Ganja men get ready, because Amy’s doing great and she’ll be busting out of the hospital soon! And she’s out of weed. Remember the kicking part.

Amy Winehouse Won’t Pay For Hubby’s Rehab

Amy Winehouse is reportedly refusing to pay for her husband Blake Fielder-Civil’s $47,500 rehab stay. Blaaaaake was released from prison and sent straight to a rehab center on Wednesday. Amy thinks Blake needs to take responsibility for cleaning up his life if their marriage is to survive. Tough love!

The Sun reports a source as saying: “Blake thought he would click his fingers and Amy would give him $47,500. But so far she has refused and he is not happy.”

Blake was freed from the pokey after serving less than half of his 27-month sentence for “grievous bodily harm” and “perverting the course of justice”. Reportedly his early release was on the condition he undergoes a seven-week treatment program for his big-time drug addiction at the Life Works Community center in Surrey.

He can’t leave the facility for a week, but is already desperate to see his wife and “pull her knickers down.” Eww. Get that picture out of my head right NOW! Blake said: “Tell Amy, ‘I love you and I wish I could be with you.’ I just can’t wait to get this over and done with and see Amy again.”

Blakey also has to wear an electronic monitor and stick to a curfew under the terms of his release. Let’s take bets on how long before THAT rule gets broken!

Amy, was not at the prison to meet Blake, because she was effed up again and swinging at the papz outside her flat.

Amy Winehouse Not Going To Rehab; Still Rolls Her Own

Here’s Amy Winehouse leaving her London home this morning. As you can see, Amy can STILL stop shaking long enough to roll herself some Maui Wowie. Is there no END to her talent? However, the recent rumors that the crackie would be going to rehab in Bury St. Edmonds, near her beloved hubby Blaaake, are wrong. Y’all didn’t think Wino would go to rehab while conscious did ya?

Her publicist has come out and says that alas, she will not be attending. Poor guy, you KNOW he was praying for a break from chasing Amy through traffic. With a hint of disappointment that his client won’t be getting the help that she needs, he told the press, “Unfortunately the residents of Bury won’t be enjoying Amy’s company.” Snarkista thinks the “residents of Bury” are throwing a party right now.

Amy Winehouse Is Gonna Blow Stuff Up For Hubby

LATEST UPDATE: Amy Winehouse Autopsy Reveals Little About Singer’s Death

Cracked-out Amy Winehouse is planning a big fireworks show for her husband Blaaaaake Fielder-Civil so they can watch them at the same time. They won’t be together for the big bangs; Blake will still be in the pokey, and Amy MAY be in rehab. Or not.

The big show is going to be on “Bonfire Day”- a favorite holiday of Amy’s. Not being British, Snarkista had to look up “Bonfire Day” and see what the hell it is. Here’s your history lesson for the day. Bonfire Day is in honor of the event in November 1605, when some Catholics led by Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament and King James 1, when he was to open Parliament. They were pissed because the king passed a bunch of laws against Catholics that forced them to worship in secret. The event is remembered every November 5th, when the “Guys” are symbolically burned in bonfires. Those Brits aren’t very PC, are they! Guess the Catholics don’t celebrate this particular holiday.

Amy, however, LOVES Bonfire Day…it was the day she released her blockbuster “Back To Black” album. She’s probably thinking the explosions will blow the prison open and free her beloved Blakey. Amy will be waiting with something cooking on the bonfire, and it won’t be a hot dog! Such would be the thought process of the Crackie of Camden. Snarkista wonders how Amy’s gonna pull this off if she’s in rehab! Well, her previous “rehab” visits were long weekends where Amy was just sleeping it off. When she wakes up, she gets the hell outa there. Wino’s gonna do what Wino wants to do! If you’re playing with fire, Amy, you better watch the ‘hive. That shizz will melt faster than a crack rock, and look like John Travolta’s spray-on hair.

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Amy Winehouse’s Mom Has Lost Her Mind

Amy Winehouse’s mom says that Amy is no longer using drugs. As everyone knows, Amy was hospitalized earlier this week after suffering a “reaction to medication” while at her London home. Papa Mitch is claiming his daughter’s drink had been spiked with ecstasy. Others say Amy took the meds she’s been prescribed to help her kick her drug habits, and chased them down with rum.

But according to the 24-year-old’s poor deluded mother Janis, the hospital visit was simply a matter of human error.

“The truth is that Amy ended up in hospital this week because she mixed up the medication she’s taking to help her come off drugs,” she told the Daily Mirror newspaper.She took a wrong tablet.”

Mom also says Wino’s recent diagnosis with lung disease has encouraged her to steer clear of recreational drugs. Like the joint she was smoking the other night!

“I really don’t think she’s using now,” she claimed. “Being diagnosed with the early stage of emphysema was a real jolt to her. A bit of a wake-up call. Mind you, I think she does have the odd sneaky cigarette. Give her a break, she’s not a miracle worker.

No, dear Janis, she NEEDS a miracle worker. Amy’s spokesman Chris Goodman said the star suffered a reaction to medication while at home but was now in good spirits after spending a “comfortable night” in hospital. Yep, Amy’s probably REAL comfy right about now. She’s out of confinement, back in her pad with a fresh supply of blood (yes, delivered this morning) and probably ready to rock and roll. Mom, you know what they say about denial…

UPDATE & One Reporter’s Night With Amy Winehouse

UPDATE:Amy Winehouse was rushed to hospital on Monday (July 28) because a friend spiked her drink with ecstasy, according to reports this morning (July 30). Newspapers are claiming that Mitch Winehouse is “certain” someone administered his daughter the drug, and also state that the results of a toxicology test on the star are imminent.

Winehouse was rushed to University College Hospital in central on monday (July 28) after reportedly suffering a reaction to medication she was taking involved with her drug rehabilitation. However, according to reports, it is claimed Mitch Winehouse is now believed to have informed police of his suspicions that his daughter’s convulsions were because of ecstasy being put in her drink. However another report claims that the singer suffered a reaction to her medication after downing shots of rum before taking her usual 11 tablets.

This awful picture of Amy Winehouse was taken this week, before she was rushed to the emergency room for a “medication mix-up”. Yesterday, as 24-year-old Amy was discharged from London’s University College Hospital, her father Mitch, 54, said: “Amy had a bad reaction to some medication. She took two doses instead of one by mistake.” He denied that his daughter had taken a deliberate drug overdose.

One journalist was spontaneously invited to the singer’s Camden flat about a month ago, and tells how she witnessed firsthand the disturbing squalor in which she exists. This is life with crazy, trusting, falling-off-a-cliff Amy Winehouse.
Read about one Daily Mail reporter’s experience inside Amy’s world here.

UPDATE: Amy Winehouse’s Dad: “Amy’s F***ed Up”

UPDATE: on Amy Winehouse. Cracked up singer was rushed to hospital in London last night (London time) as her upset father said: “She’s f***** up, she’s f***** up.” An ambulance and fast response car raced to her house after frantic dad Mitch called 999, the UK’s 911, when she started having fits.

Paramedics gave her oxygen and bundled her out of the pad in Camden, North London, into the ambulance. Amy had caused a crazy scene at her parent’s house. Her behavior had deteriorated since Sunday night when she was seen throwing herself to the ground sobbing, and lashing out at her bodyguards who were trying to help her up. When the ambulance arraived, helpless dad Mitch was heard shouting: “She’s f***** up, she’s f***** up.”

As Snarkista told you a few hours ago, Amy’s spokesperson said it appeared Amy had suffered a reaction to medication. Now she’s saying the meds were to help her off hard drugs. The Sun reports that an onlooker said worried Mitch told fans: “She’s just mixed up her medication.”

Fan Danny Saunders, 17, of South London, watched the drama unfold around 8.50pm London time, as he waited to see if she would go for a walk. He saw two paramedics and a doctor rush in and the singer emerged half an hour later. Danny said: “Amy was surrounded by police and wheeled to an ambulance. “One of my friends said to Amy’s father, ‘Will she be all right?’ He said, ‘Yes, she’ll be fine’ but he looked upset.”

Yesterday, papa Mitch insisted Amy was “fine” after another wild night when she punched a wall, lashed out at security guards and cut her fist. She reportedly has yet another cause for concern — a lump on her breast. But tests have shown it is benign.

Amy can’t seem to tolerate what is likely methadone or a similar drug used to wean addicts off of opiates. If she’s still using while using methadone as well, she could easily OD. Amy’s publicist is saying she may be released tomorrow. Here’s hoping that’s not true, and they keep her awhile to get her system clean. Then it should be off to a LOCKED UP rehab. Where she can’t run out into traffic.