Gillian Cooke Bobsled Split Pants Wardrobe Malfunction Video

After hearing John Edwards finally admitted to fathering former mistress Rielle Hunter‘s baby this morning, we just felt a bit dirty and greasy. Although we already pretty much knew he was the baby daddy, the whole media blowup over Edwards’ reprehensible lies yet again made us depressed.

So, to help us get back on track for the day, we spent a few minutes checking out the latest “Pants on the Ground” videos – Much love to General Larry Platt – and surfing some more funny videos to cheer us up.

Gillian Cooke and Nicola Minichello (Photo: YouTube video screenshot)
Gillian Cooke and Nicola Minichello (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

While this particular video we enjoyed today is rather brief, we just can’t get over the contrast between British bobsled competitor Gillian Cooke‘s fierce, determined face and the amusing hilarity of her poor pantsuit ripping open right over her exposed bottom.

Also, we kind of find it cute that she apparently wears a thong when she’s bobsledding – or she’s having a serious wedgie. Either way, it seems like having your undies shoved in your butt crack would be a bit distracting on the bobsled course…

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