Angelina Jolie denies horrible rumor

Angelina Jolie is currently in Eastern Europe directing a feature-length drama about the war in Bosnia, and the project marks her directorial debut.  Scandal has already surrounded this movie, which doesn’t even have a title yet, due to some rumors and accusations about the plot and specifically a romance that occurs between two of the characters.  

According to the rumors, the romance began after the male character raped and tortured the female character.  Activist groups representing female victims of the Bosnian conflict have expressed outrage and have asked for Jolie’s filming permit to be withdrawn, but Jolie claims there is no truth to the rumors whatsoever.  She says that the romance between the two characters in question begins before the war even starts, in a club, and that it’s a normal relationship in that sense.  

Jolie also says, however, that she understands the concerns about such a sensitive subject, and she’s happy for any officials in the investigation to have full access to the script.  Hopefully that will clear the matter up.