America’s Next Top Model Finalist Nik Pace Suing NFL Star Braylon Edwards for Child Support

America’s Next Top Model finalist Nik Pace is suing New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards for child support. Pace gave birth in July and Edwards immediately filed a claim in Georgia to be recognized as the child’s father. Pace, however, wants more than recognition from the baby’s father, she wants a load of cash from Edwards as well.

Nik Pace
Nik Pace

Nik Pace is now in the process of suing Braylon Edwards for $70,000 a month in child support payments. Pace’s lawyer told the New York Post that Edwards had tried to have the child support case litigated in Georgia because “they are traditionally less generous with child support payments. It’s a cold, calculated act to pay less money.” Pace wasn’t having any of it, however, and wanted the case moved to New York. “We had the case dismissed and moved [it] to New York because this is where Nik lives. We served Braylon in the past week. He can run, but he can’t hide.”

As for Edwards, the NFL star’s lawyer said Pace is just being greedy and his client has always taken care of his kid. “Braylon is a proud father who has loved and supported his child since before he was born,” his rep said.  “He wants to provide for his son. He has been paying support since the birth.”

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