Bristol Palin is going to tell us about her life

I can’t think of many 20-year-olds whose memoirs I’d want to read, much less many anyone from the Palin family, but now we’re about to have two birds killed with one stone: Bristol Palin is writing a book about her life.  Either the young single mom thinks she’s got enough to tell us that we’d be interested to hear… or she’s using her book as yet another platform from which to defend her mother and her family.

Apparently the book is going to be 304 pages and will go on sale in June.  Will the Palins stop at nothing to keep their names in the press and rake in some extra cash?

Bristol Palin even more unpopular than her mother

After the whole teen pregnancy scandal, Bristol Palin has cashed in by becoming a spokesperson for abstinence.  She speaks to groups of young people and tells them how difficult her life is (like anyone believes that) because she had a baby at such a young age.  However, Bristol has had to cancel a recent talk at Washington University in St. Louis, after students protested and the university decided it would be better if the talk didn’t happen

Apparently the issue was with the funding – Bristol’s appearance fee was to be paid with money that originally came from the students, and the students didn’t like that idea very much.  After a talk with the university, Bristol agreed to step down and cancel the talk.

Why is Bristol Palin buying property in Arizona?

News has come out this week that Bristol Palin has bought a home – in Arizona, of all places.  She paid cash for the $172,000 property, located in the suburbs of Phoenix, and this has prompted a lot of speculation as to what she’s planning on doing with the house.  The current favorite theory is that Palin is planning on attending university at Arizona State, and she’s trying to settle into the area before she goes back to school.

The university has not commented on whether Bristol is enrolled or in the process of enrolling there, but it seems unlikely that a Palin would buy a house in the lower 48 unless there was a good reason for it.

Levi Johnston keepin’ it classy

Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol Palin’s baby, is clearly moving on with his life.  The Facebook account of a girl named Sunny Oglesby claims that she is “in a relationship” with Johnston, and just to prove it, she has changed her profile picture to one of her and Johnston holding each other and kissing.

There’s no word on how long the happy couple of have been together, but it’s reasonable to assume that this change is pretty recent.  For that extra touch of class, Johnston and Oglesby posed for their smooching Facebook picture in front of some antlers mounted on a wall.  It just goes to show that white trash knows no state lines – Alaskans can join in the fun, too!

Bristol Palin situation takes a nasty turn

Just when you thought things with Bristol Palin couldn’t get any uglier, she’s taking a new round of fire from celebrities and colleagues alike, and she’s attempting to give as good as she gets.  Both Kathy Griffin and DWTS co-star Margaret Cho have taken recent punches at Palin, with Griffin calling her “the white Precious,” and Cho accusing Sarah Palin of forcing her daughter to go on the show.

Even DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba has gone on the record as saying that one dose of a Palin was enough for the show, and that the controversy Bristol brought is not something they’d likely invite in again.  Bristol’s response?  Well, she’s only responded to Margaret Cho so far, and the most clever thing she could come up with was a gay joke.  Wow.  You stay classy, Bristol!

Bristol Palin might win DWTS, despite not being able to dance

Suspicion and anger are growing as to why Bristol Palin continues to remain a contender on Dancing with the Stars, despite the fact that she’s a terrible dancer and is consistently given the lowest scores every week.  Palin is still in the running to win the entire competition, a prospect which some say is due to her mother pulling some strings.

Sarah Palin, of course, denies meddling in any DWTS affairs, but as people get angrier and angrier at Bristol Palin’s continued presence on the show, things are coming to the breaking point.  One Wisconsin man already lost his mind with rage over Bristol Palin’s lack of talent, and destroyed his television with a shotgun after watching this week’s show.

Was Sarah Palin booed on Dancing with the Stars?

brisol palin on dancing with the stars There seems to be some confusion over the cause of some off-camera booing that happened on Dancing with the Stars last night.  After Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough finished their dance and retired to the dancers’ lounge to speak with Brooke Burke about their performance, booing was heard from the direction of the auditorium… which was where host Tom Bergeron was setting up to interview Sarah Palin, who was there to support her daughter, Bristol Palin.  Questions about the booing were neatly side-stepped, leading many viewers to believe that Palin had been the target of the vitriol.  ABC executives claim that the audience were simply reacting to unpopular scores given by the judges, and that Palin had nothing to do with the booing.  When the interview with Sarah Palin actually started, the audience had settled down and clapped politely.   If they were booing Sarah Palin, why wouldn’t they keep booing when she was actually on camera?