Don’t Tell K-Fed, But Britney’s Dating Her Agent

britney is too fat for this

Fresh on the heels of reports that Kevin Federline was getting close to his ex-wife Britney Spears again, come OTHER reports that Brit’s gnat-sized attention span is still gnat-sized. In other words: K-Fed, you’re still in the Circus, you’re just not in the main ring.

Brit-Brit has reportedly embarked on a secret love relationship with her longtime talent agent, Jason Trawick. E! News says 37-year-old Jason recently joined Our Lady Of The Cheetos for the first four shows of her “Circus” tour. The two have now become “much closer.”

E! claims to have been informed by a well-placed source that Jason’s bosses at the William Morris Agency have no problem with his close bond with Spears. “They joke about it,” the source claims. Hell yeah, they joke about it! There’s just TOO much material to resist! Like the material that outfit in the pic is made of… for starters.

This doesn’t bode well for any extra “Mommy Time” for SJP and JJ, who are forced to watch mama strumpet around in heinouswear EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Wait a minute…there’s hope for those boys after all! Thanks, Jason!