Don’t Do It, Britney!

Lindsay Lohan announced she’s gonna be Sarah Palin on Halloween. Yawn. In Hollywood, she’ll be bumping into herself EVERYWHERE. Britney Spears has a more original idea…but it’s NOT a good one!

Britney wants to go as herself… back when she was in full meltdown. Shaved head and all. She wants “to remind people how far she’s come.” Don’t do it, Brit! Looking at the pics is bad enough, and we’ve all just been able to get the bad flashbacks out of our minds. You DON’T want to remind everyone of the crazy-days. You just don’t. Yes, it would be the scariest costume around. But all you’ll accomplish is scaring some kids out of their candy, and making the papz cry for the good old days.

And speaking of kids…you REALLY don’t want SP and JJ seeing THAT horrifying image again? The little dudes are gonna need therapy anyways, but don’t pile on! The press will go more batshit crazy than you did at the time. Seriously, what about going as Lindsay Lohan? All you have to do is put on some socks, spray on some fake tanner, take OFF the socks, put on a mini-dress and heels, and…presto! Instant Lohan! No baldness necessary. Just think about it, okay?