Pussycat Dolls New Video: When I Grow Up

Dang, Britney dodged a bullet on this one! As I told y’all Thursday, the Trannycats cut Brit-Brit’s cameo in this, their latest video. This Youtube version is the one they ought to release, because the low quality is MUCH less scary than the TV version. I do NOT want to see these tramps in HD! Here’s what Britney can thank the Lord for on Sunday:

Britney’s Deleted

Britney can’t be a Trannycat Doll, y’all. Somebody had the bright idea to have Brit DRIVE in the ‘Cat’s video. Britney can’t drive, trannys! Who the hell asks Britney to drive AND wave while being filmed? Maybe she’d get it on take 101, but no one would be alive to shoot it. So… Britney’s “hot cameo” didn’t make the final edit. A spokesperson for the Dolls couldn’t be reached for comment on why Spears was not included in the video. The Pussycats themselves are mum. Our old friend Unnamed Source only told Us Magazine…

They all wave at each other as they are passing in traffic, that is it. Of course, Britney looks hot and blond. It is a very short sequence, but [Britney] had a lot of fun with it. Britney really likes the Dolls’ music and when she saw them on the MTV [Movie Awards], she was totally down to do the video,” the source told the magazine.

Too bad the ‘Cats pimped the Britney bit all OVER last week when it was shooting. Oops. Yeah, call Daddy Spears. This may take some extra Lithium.

Britney’s Black Bump Blanket

Oh, Brit. Honey- come on, now, are you knocked up? ‘Cuz you SURE look like you are, I saw you in a bikini the other day…I’m just sayin’. I hope you’re just REALLY tired in this picture and not hammered. Did your vaycay with Mel Gibson help at ALL?

Angelina Jolie wore this in beige the other night, and I must say that black IS the better choice. IF you’re gonna wear a MuMu. Angelina looked like the spawn of Humpty Dumpty and a patio umbrella. But honey, even though black is slimming and all, there’s only so much a color can do. Union rules, you know.

Morning Sickness

Because you asked, here’s some pictoral evidence on the latest possible Spears family pregnancy. Warning: use caution before you read any further, as it is still morning and YOU don’t want to get morning sickness. Here’s our daffy Britney on her patio the other day. Preggers? Sure looks like it.

Lots of “who’s the daddy” speculation going on! Despite daily gym and dance workouts, Britney looks alot more than a few weeks along. Nice touch with the smoking and ass grab!

Poll: Whose Pregnancy Rumors Are You Over?

Okay, so today we had even MORE possible celeb pregnancy rumors; in addition to the wall-to-wall Ashlee Simpson, we also had Beyonce and Britney(gasp) said to be in the family way. I will have to resist giving myself Pete Wentz’s haircut if I hear any more about Ashlee and the shotgun wedding. But Beyonce? Or BRITNEY? There are some Brit-Brit pics out that look pretty preggy. Holy Adnan, say it ain’t so. So tell me- whose pregnancy rumors bore you the most? Or, just make you really tired?