Brittany Murphy Left Husband Simon Monjack Out of Will on Purpose

Late actress Brittany Murphy intentionally left her husband Simon Monjack out of her will. Murphy, who died tragically on Dec. 20 from a combination of pneumonia and prescription drugs, left her entire estate to her mother, Sharon Murphy.

Brittany Murphy (Photo: Sandra Palumbo, U.S. Navy)
Brittany Murphy (Photo: Sandra Palumbo, U.S. Navy)

In a will drafted after her marriage to Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy left all of her assets to her mother and nothing to her husband. “I am married to Simon Monjack who I have intentionally left out of this will,” Murphy wrote in the document. Monjack, however, told he wanted it that way and asked Murphy not to include him in her will.

“It was one of the conditions I married her with,” Monjack told E! News. “I knew I would never want for money, and Brittany’s high-earning days were a few years behind her. I had not helped build her income the way Sharon had, and I just felt that Brittany’s money was rightfully Sharon’s if God forbid anything ever happened to Brittany.”

It is unknown how much Brittany Murphy’s estate is worth, but Sharon Murphy recently put the house where she died on the market for $7.25 million. The home previously belonged to Britney Spears and Murphy purchased it in 2003 for around $4 million.

Sharon Murphy and Simon Monjack both plan to leave Los Angeles and move back to New York. “I decided to move back to my apartment in New York as had been my plan with Brittany,” Monjack told E! News. “Sharon said that she always loved New York and L.A. is just too painful for her; so would I mind if she moved to? Of course I don’t.”

Although it’s nice to see Murphy’s family sticking together through the hard times, we can’t help but feel the relationship between Murphy’s mom and widowed husband is just a bit, well, weird.

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