Brittany Murphy’s father finally recognized

When actress Brittany Murphy died more than a year ago, a bizarre thing happened at the coroner’s office.  They listed her father as “unknown” even though his name is Angelo Bertolotti and there’s nothing unknown about him.  This has caused many problems for Bertolotti, as he has been trying to grieve for his lost daughter, and in some cases has been blocked from doing so.

Bertolotti tried to visit Brittany’s grave on several occasions, but was told by cemetery staff that he would not be allowed in because he wasn’t family.  Bertolotti complained to officials, and more than a year later, his name has finally been listed as Brittany’s father and he can visit her in peace.

Brittany Murphy’s house to be auctioned

The house that Brittany Murphy lived in with her husband Simon Monjack is going up for auction, so if you have several million dollars lying around, you can probably snatch it up and get a pretty great deal.  The problem with the house is that it’s very difficult to sell a property where someone died, and doubly so if they died young, and even more so if the death was highly publicized.

And if that weren’t enough, not only did Brittany Murphy die there in 2009, but her husband was also found dead in the home six months later.  The house is worth about $7 million, but at auction, anything could happen.

Brittany Murphy Husband Dead of Overdose or Heart Attack?

As we reported earlier this morning, Brittany Murphy‘s husband Simon Monjack was found dead last night at the same home where his wife died five months ago. Now more eerie similarities are emerging between the late actress’s death and her husband’s.

Simon Monjack & Brittany Murphy
Simon Monjack & Brittany Murphy

Simon Monjack’s body was found last night by Sharon Murphy, the mother of the late Brittany Murphy, in a strange and tragic near repeat of her daughter’s death. Sharon Murphy reportedly called 911 around 9:30 PM to report a medical emergency at the home where her daughter and husband Simon Monjack lived at the time of Brittany Murphy’s death. Emergency personnel responded within minutes, but were unable to save Monjack. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sharon Murphy allegedly found Simon Monjack unconscious and unresponsive in the master bedroom of the same house where Brittany Murphy died. Sharon Murphy found her daughter collapsed on the floor of the master bathroom last December. According to an unidentified source reported by, a variety of prescription pill bottles were found near Monjack’s body. claims the drugs found at the scene included the same prescriptions found in the bathroom at the time of Brittany Murphy’s death.

While speculation builds that Simon Monjack may have died from a prescription drug overdose, the 39-year-old also reportedly suffered from heart problems in addition to other health issues. In an interview earlier this year, Monjack said he suffered from seizures, had a mild heart attack in 2009 and may have had another attack shortly after Murphy’s death.

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Brittany Murphy Husband Simon Monjack Dead

Brittany Murphy‘s husband Simon Monjack was found dead Sunday night by the actress’s mother, Sharon Murphy, in the same home where her daughter died in December. Brittany Murphy died in December from a combination of pneumonia, anemia and drug intoxication. Simon Monjack’s official cause of death is not yet known.

Simon Monjack and Brittany Murphy
Simon Monjack and Brittany Murphy

Simon Monjack was reportedly found unconscious on Sunday night by Sharon Murphy, who called 911 to report a medical emergency. The Los Angeles Fire Department arrived on scene around 9:30 PM, but emergency respondents were unable to revive Monjack. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Some reports are claiming Simon Monjack died of a heart attack, but that has not been confirmed. A source allegedly told a “number of pill bottles” were found near Monjack’s body and “some were empty.”

Los Angeles Police Department representative Sgt. Alex Ortiz said in a press statement that there were “no signs of foul play or any criminal activity involved” in Monjack’s death, but an investigation is ongoing.

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Brittany Murphy Left Husband Simon Monjack Out of Will on Purpose

Late actress Brittany Murphy intentionally left her husband Simon Monjack out of her will. Murphy, who died tragically on Dec. 20 from a combination of pneumonia and prescription drugs, left her entire estate to her mother, Sharon Murphy.

Brittany Murphy (Photo: Sandra Palumbo, U.S. Navy)
Brittany Murphy (Photo: Sandra Palumbo, U.S. Navy)

In a will drafted after her marriage to Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy left all of her assets to her mother and nothing to her husband. “I am married to Simon Monjack who I have intentionally left out of this will,” Murphy wrote in the document. Monjack, however, told he wanted it that way and asked Murphy not to include him in her will.

“It was one of the conditions I married her with,” Monjack told E! News. “I knew I would never want for money, and Brittany’s high-earning days were a few years behind her. I had not helped build her income the way Sharon had, and I just felt that Brittany’s money was rightfully Sharon’s if God forbid anything ever happened to Brittany.”

It is unknown how much Brittany Murphy’s estate is worth, but Sharon Murphy recently put the house where she died on the market for $7.25 million. The home previously belonged to Britney Spears and Murphy purchased it in 2003 for around $4 million.

Sharon Murphy and Simon Monjack both plan to leave Los Angeles and move back to New York. “I decided to move back to my apartment in New York as had been my plan with Brittany,” Monjack told E! News. “Sharon said that she always loved New York and L.A. is just too painful for her; so would I mind if she moved to? Of course I don’t.”

Although it’s nice to see Murphy’s family sticking together through the hard times, we can’t help but feel the relationship between Murphy’s mom and widowed husband is just a bit, well, weird.

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Husband Says Hollywood Broke Brittany Murphy’s Heart

Simon Monjack, husband of late actress Brittany Murphy, said his wife was heartbroken by Hollywood before she died. Monjack and Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, also blasted the tabloids and Hollywood gossips for spreading lies about Murphy in several new interviews this week.

Brittany Murphy (Photo: Sandra Palumbo, U.S. Navy)
Brittany Murphy (Photo: Sandra Palumbo, U.S. Navy)

“Hollywood is a village and once you upset the villagers, they talk, and they gossip, and they rumor,” Simon Monjack said. All the gossip about Brittany Murphy reportedly caused her to lose the job of voicing Gloria in Happy Feet 2 just a week before her death, Monjack claims. Not getting to reprise her role in the animated sequel allegedly upset Murphy a great deal. “They have blood on their hands,” Monjack said.

Over the years, Brittany Murphy dealt with endless rumors of drug use, especially cocaine, and was often accused of having an eating disorder due to her sometimes frail appearance. Simon Monjack and Sharon Murphy, the late starlet’s mother, have vehemently denied those rumors.

“She had a fear of dying,” Sharon Murphy said. “She would not take too much caffeine. She wouldn’t even have a glass of champagne on New Year’s. She was just high on life, and people see that as something else I guess.”

On the Today Show on Thursday, Simon Monjack said Brittany Murphy was “not taking any medication for her mood, for anorexia, or any mental illness… It’s utterly ridiculous that these rumors have perpetuated.” As for the many prescription drugs found in their home, Monjack said most of them were his.

“You want to know what broke Brittany Murphy’s heart? Hollywood broke Brittany Murphy’s heart,” Monjack told Larry King in an interview earlier this week.

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Brittany Murphy Died from Heart Murmur Mom Says

Brittany Murphy‘s mother, Sharon Murphy, believes a heart murmur may be at least partially to blame for the young actress’ death. Sharon Murphy blasted rumors her daughter used drugs or had an eating disorder. No official cause of death has yet been released.

Brittany Murphy at the Australian premiere of 'Happy Feet' (Photo: Rob & Jules, source: Wikimedia Commons)
Brittany Murphy at the Australian premiere of 'Happy Feet' (Photo: Rob & Jules, source: Wikimedia Commons)

Brittany Murphy died on Dec. 20 at her home in Hollywood after collapsing in the bathroom. She was found by her mother, who called 911. Rescue responders were unable to revive her. Murphy’s mother said in the 911 call her daughter had been vomiting severely and passed out before her death.

Sharon Murphy told People magazine her daughter had a congenital heart murmur and believes it may have contributed to her death. “We had it checked out every which way you could imagine,” Brittany’s husband Simon Monjack said. Murphy also reportedly suffered from diabetes and had been hospitalized several times in the past due to complications from the disease.

Both Sharon Murphy and Simon Monjack refuted rumors the Clueless star was a drug addict or had a serious eating disorder. “Do you not think anybody would have picked up on this anorexic, mentally deranged person?” Monjack said. “It’s ludicrous.”

“She never even drank. Maybe a glass of champagne at New Years,” Sharon Murphy said. “But everyone used to say she was wasted, she was this, she was that. It was hard for anyone to imagine that somebody was so high on life.”

The full interview with Sharon Murphy and Simon Monjack comes out in next week’s People magazine, on sale Jan. 22.

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