Spiderman Musical Director Suing Producers

You may have heard of a tragic little debacle known as Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark. It’s been billed as Broadway’s most expensive musical and opened last year amid all kinds of disasters: injuries, delays and more. And apparently there was more going on behind the scenes. Director Julie Taymor says the producers of the show violated her creative rights and haven’t compensated her for the work she put into the show.

She filed a copyright infringement suit, seeking $1 million in damages. Lead producers say they have, in fact, given her her money: “the production has indeed compensated Ms. Taymor for her contribution as a co-book writer.”

The lawsuit is seeking half of all profits from the book she co-wrote for the musical as well as requestings a jury trial to determine her share of profits.

Believe it or not, the show is still on Broadway and is apparently making enough to more than break even.

Lou Reed has nothing against Susan Boyle

Despite rumors that Lou Reed denied Susan Boyle the right to perform Reed’s song “Perfect Day” on America’s Got Talent Wednesday night, representatives for Reed claim that he had nothing to do with it.  Apparently the real reason for the performance being canceled was that due to a clerical error, the song could not be cleared in time for airing on an American network.

Unfortunately for Boyle, she did not have a back-up song prepared, and since everyone is sick to death of hearing her sing “I Dreamed a Dream,” the producers elected to scrap the performance altogether.  I’m not sure how smart a decision that was, seeing as Boyle’s 15 minutes of fame are just about up, and if she wants to stay in the public eye, she needs to, well, stay in the public eye.

Katie Holmes Has A Mystery “Mister X”

Katie Holmes has been hanging out between her Broadway All My Sons duties with a handsome mystery man. The cast and crew call him “Mister X”. And the “X” doesn’t stand for Xenu! Katie seems to have somehow escaped the death grip of Tommy, and has found time to chill with a normal male person.

A crew member went over one day, while Katie and “X” were having coffee. They chatted for a few minutes, but Katie didn’t introduce her friend. And “a friend” is what Katie is calling him, (duh, she’s not stupid) but he’s still causing whispers around the theater. Ya know? Katie needs a normal male friend. She hasn’t had one of those in YEARS. Here’s to “Mister X” for being brave enough to risk the wrath of Xenu and his minions, and give Katie some decent company. Bravo!

Won’t Someone PLEASE Help Katie Holmes?

Okay, Snarkista’s throwing a flag. This is just too much for her to take. Tommy-Girl Cruise has taken his evil abduction of Katie Holmes TOO FAR! Not that it wasn’t already too far, but this is all kinds of crazy. He took over her haircut, and now he’s making her wear his jeans. From 1987. WTF? Somebody help Katie. Even if it’s you, evil stylist Rachel Zoe. Chupacabra-style is better than this. Snarkista needs to lie down for a bit ‘cuz she has the vapors.

Celebrity Clothing Lines: Aubrey O’Day Edition

Danity Kane singer and Hairspray Broadway babe Aubrey O’Day is the latest celeb to launch a clothing line; Heart On My Sleeve. Aubrey wears her “bad girl” image proudly, and her line reflects it! It looks to be mostly t-shirts and panties, many with provocative sayings on them like “I Love Dirty Texting” , “DJ’s Make Me Horny”, and ” My Sex Tape Comes Out Next Week”. Also, briefs that say “Bad Boys Make My Panties Drop”. Classy! The PERFECT gift for your skankiest friend!

We now know where the heinous headband/flower growth thing came from that Aubrey wore on the red carpet a couple of weeks ago; it’s there for you to buy should you need to look like something Anne Geddes would use in one of her baby photo shoots. Only $120!! Hurry though, there are limited quantities! Maybe Aubrey is a little more involved in her “line” better than Posh and Lauren Conrad were in theirs.


Katie Holmes Isn’t Cuttin’ It On Broadway

Duck, y’all, the wrath of Xenu is coming! NY Post’s Michael Riedel reports that when it comes to the Broadway box office, the current Mrs. Tom Cruise has NOTHIN’ on the FORMER Mrs. Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes is starring in the revival of Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” this fall, but production sources are worried ‘cuz advance ticket sales aren’t looking real good. “Where are all the Scientologists? Don’t they want to see her?” jokes one person, who is no fool and requested anonymity. The Sci-bots will make you DISAPPEAR if you eff with them.

Ticket brokers and group sales agents say interest in the Holmes show is: NADA, NYET, NEIN, NONE. “I bought 1,000 tickets to the show,” says one broker. “I still have them.” The advance sales for “All My Sons,” which opens in September, is said to be less than $1 million. Yikes! New mom Nicole Kidman racked up a $4 million advance in 1998, when she made her Broadway debut in David Hare’s “The Blue Room.”

Nic wasn’t a huge star then, but she was great in the play. Scalpers were getting $700 for seats in the balcony! Her career took off afterwards helped by the press love she got for her performance. And because she split with Tommy-Girl shortly afterwards.

Why is Katie trailing Nic at the box office? Well, there’s the obvious: TOM, who’s still trying to rebound from couch-bouncing with Oprah. Katie’s not a huge draw on her own ‘cuz she’s mostly famous for being Tommy’s beard, and the economy sucks.

Also not helping: the backstage chatter at “All My Sons,” is that the cast has been forced to sign confidentiality agreements. Shocker. Katie’s Scientology captors don’t want any press they can’t control. Great strategy, as usual. See how well it’s working for Tom? L. Ron’s brainwashing techniques don’t fly with the PR peeps, and journalists don’t take kindly to being threatened with loss of life as they know it. Ergo- crickets.