Miracle on the Hudson Pilot Captain Sully Sullenberger Retires

‘Miracle on the Hudson’ pilot Captain Sully Sullenberger is retiring from US Airways after 38 years of service with the airline. Sullenberger, who amazingly landed Flight 1549 in the Hudson River last year with no loss of life, will make his final flight on Wednesday.

Captain Chelsey 'Sully' Sullenberger (Photo: Ingrid Taylar - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Captain Chelsey 'Sully' Sullenberger (Photo: Ingrid Taylar - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

“He is doing a final flight today and will be having a retirement gathering with fellow pilots,” US Airways spokesman James Olson said in a press statement. “He specifically asked for no special treatment regarding his retirement.”

Capt. Chelsey ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, 59, plans to retire on Wednesday in a private ceremony in Charlotte, N.C. On his last flight, Sullenberger will be accompanied by Flight 1549 co-pilot Jeff Skiles. Doreen Walsh, one of the flight attendants on the Hudson flight, will also be retiring on Wednesday.

“We will miss them and thank them for all they have given to our customers during their years of service with our airline,” US Airways said in a press statement, thanking Sullenberger and Walsh for “their quick thinking and courageous actions” on Flight 1549.

Captain Sullenberger signed on with PSA Airlines in 1980. PSA eventually became US Airways after several acquisition deals. Flight attendant Doreen Walsh began working for Allegheny Airlines, another predecessor of US Airways, in 1970.

We wish both of them the best in their retirement and hope they have some serious vacation time planned to enjoy their newfound freedom!

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