Carrie Prejean’s Brother Would Watch Her Sex Tapes

In what has got to be the grossest quote yet to come out of the whole Carrie Prejean sex tape scandal, her own brother, Billy Arnone, said he’d watch his sister in action if the tapes get published!


What the hell is wrong with this family? I mean, we get it, men like porn and they’ll watch just about anything with a naked woman in it. But admitting you’d watch your own sister in a sex tape is disgusting enough to make me throw up a little in my mouth. Yet, that’s exactly what he did, saying, “If they were put in front of me I’d probably watch it.”

Billy Arnone offered up this nasty bit of information in an interview with Not only does he express his interest in incestuous porn viewing, he also pretty much throws his sister under the bus.


When asked if Carrie Prejean was indeed of legal age when she made the sex tapes and nude photos – as she has adamantly stated – he at first says she was “19 years old” before backtracking. “Or 17 years old,” he corrects himself. “Whatever, she was a teenager.” He admitted, however, he doesn’t see how Prejean can prove she was indeed a minor when she shot the videos.

If I were Carrie Prejean, I’d be disowning this weirdo pronto – and keeping the hell away from this pervert permanently.

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Porn Company Offering Millions for Carrie Prejean Sex Tapes

Vivid Entertainment, one of America’s largest porn producers, is reportedly offering millions in possible earnings to Carrie Prejean if she gives permission to release her now infamous sex tape videos.  Vivid President Steven Hirsch reportedly sent a letter to Prejean’s lawyer seeking permission to release sex tape videos and nude photos of the former beauty queen. (The videos, btw, have NOT been leaked to the Net so far, no matter what some websites would like you to believe.)


Vivid Entertainment wants to acquire the rights to the “erotic footage that Carrie Prejean, former Miss California, produced for her boyfriend,” according to the letter obtained by In the letter, Hirsch says Prejean could “certainly earn millions of dollars” from a deal to distribute the racy videos.

However, Prejean’s attorney says she’ll never give permission to release the videos and photos. Prejean has claimed she was underage at the time she made the sex tapes, but her former boyfriend at the time says she was over 18.

Vivid Entertainment has previously released adult videos featuring Kim Kardashian, former Miss USA Kelli McCarty and former Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand.

Humorously enough, the letter from Vivid to Prejean’s letter says the sex tape video footage “has the potential of being the most successful adult video of all time.” Okay, so Prejean isn’t a total dog and the scandal is front page news right now. But honestly, she’s not THAT hot and her 15 minutes of fame are already dragging on far too long.

Now, if Vivid could get a video of Angelina Jolie getting it on with former girlfriend Jenny Shimizu with a side of Brad Pitt… that we could see as the hottest adult video ever!

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Did Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Sink Miss California USA Lawsuit?

Could a sex tape have sunk Carrie Prejean‘s lawsuit against Miss California USA? If this report is true, we’re laughing really hard on the inside right now.

Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean infamously launched herself into the national spotlight by declaring marriage should only “be between a man and a woman” at the Miss USA 2009 pageant. The statement caused mass outrage from gay rights activists and garnered heady support from conservative anti-gay marriage advocates. More controversy stirred when a partially nude modeling photographs of Prejean appeared on a tabloid site. Prejean later said she “regretted” taking the photos and blamed it on being “naive, and young.”


Back in June, the Miss California USA dropped Carrie Prejean citing “continued breach of contract issues” – claiming she failed to show up for events and speaking at events she was not approved to attend. Prejean slapped back with a lawsuit alleging they had ditched her over her religious beliefs. Miss California USA fired back with a lawsuit of their own.

The mutual lawsuits were eventually settled, with Miss USA California agreeing to pay $100,000 for Prejean’s legal fees and allowing her to publish her new book without interference. But Carrie Prejean herself got not a dime. Why is that?

Well, claims they have the answer. According to the tabloid site, a lawyer for the opposing side allegedly got hold of a sex tape featuring the former pageant winner and told her she’d better shut up and settle. Even better, TMZ claims they have actually seen the tape and it does exist.

So you push yourself as the American representation of core family values… and yet you parade around half-naked for photographers and let yourself end up as the star of a sex tape. The irony is just too much.

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