“Vote for Haley” says Casey Abrams

Casey Abrams doesn’t seem all that sad about being voted off American Idol last week, and in fact he has now given his full support to Haley Reinhart.  Casey and Haley have both denied that they’re in a romantic relationship – Casey says he simply thinks Haley is the most talented of the five remaining contestants.

Internet polls seem to disagree, however – it seems that rocker James Durbin is the current favorite to win, and Haley is pretty consistently at the bottom of the poll standings, sometimes trading places with Jacob Lusk, whom voters also seem to think is likely to go home soon.  We’ll see who’s right later this week!

Casey Abrams having a tough week

After his miraculous save on the American Idol results show last Thursday, you would think that contestant Casey Abrams would be feeling pretty good about his current situation… but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Casey has been plagued with medical issues for weeks now, and on the morning of the results show he had yet another blood transfusion.

After he was saved from being cut, a visibly shaken Casey collapsed backstage and hyperventilated.  Casey says he feels terrible that he was saved, as now two contestants will have to be cut in next week’s show, and Casey feels that’s partially his fault.  But those are the show’s rules, it has nothing to do with him personally.  The judges save whoever they think is worthy.

Casey Abrams has a blood transfusion, misses Idol results show

American Idol contestant and popular favorite Casey Abrams was strangely absent from the results show last week, although it hardly mattered because he was nowhere near being in danger of getting cut.  His health, however, has the show’s producers concerned – he’s been in the hospital twice this season and it’s now affecting his ability to participate fully in the show.

Casey has been having what he called “stomach problems” – reports are saying that he actually has ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory intestinal condition.  He has had a blood transfusion and is said to be resting and feeling better.  Hopefully he’ll be in good form for his performance next week, as he’s one of the top favorites to win.