Casey Anthony Probation for Check Fraud Ordered for One Year

Casey Anthony, who was acquitted on charges of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony, has been ordered to return to Florida to serve probation for a previous check fraud conviction. Anthony was recently sighted in Ohio and has been attempting to keep out of the public eye since her murder trial.

Casey Anthony has been ordered to serve a year of supervised probation for her conviction on charges of check fraud in 2010. Anthony pleaded guilty to stealing checks from a friend while her daughter was missing.

Judge Belvin Perry, the same judge who presided over the Casey Anthony murder trial, ordered her to return to Orlando, FL to face probation within the next two weeks.

Anthony was originally ordered to serve 412 days in jail and a year’s probation on the check fraud charges. An error in the documents for the sentencing resulted in confusion over whether Anthony had served her probation while she was in jail for the Caylee Anthony murder trial.

Judge Stan Strickland, the previous judge in the case, filed an order last month demanding Anthony report to serve the year of probation. Anthony’s legal team argued she had already served the probation while she was jailed.

The case was handed over to Judge Belvin Perry, who ruled that Casey Anthony should not have been allowed to serve her probation while she was jailed. Instead, he ordered her to report back to Florida before August 26 to begin serving the year’s probation.

In related Casey Anthony news, the Department of Children and Families has issued a report concluding that Anthony’s actions contributed to her daughter’s death and she caused harm to the child by not reporting her missing.

“The Department of Children and Families concludes that the actions or lack of actions by the alleged perpetrator ultimately resulted or contributed in the death of the child,” the report stated.

“The mother’s failure to act during those 31 days, ultimately resulted in her inability to protect the child from harm. In addition, this failure to protect delayed and interfered with a law enforcement investigation and best efforts to safely recover the child,” the report said.

Casey Anthony Trial Update: Defendant Ruled Competant to Face Murder Charge

The Casey Anthony trial resumed proceedings on Monday after the case was abruptly suspended on Saturday for what Chief Judge Belvin Perry called a “legal matter”. Casey Anthony’s defense team reportedly filed a motion to determine whether she was competent to stand trial for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Casey Anthony, Source: MSNBC

Over the weekend, Casey Anthony was reportedly examined by three court appointed psychologists, Dr. Daniel Tressler, Dr. Harry McLaren and Dr. Ryan Hall, to determine her competency. According to Judge Belvin Perry, all three psychologists found Anthony competent enough to continue the trial. “Based on the reports that the court has reviewed, the court will find that the defendant is competent to proceed,” Perry announced before the start of Monday’s testimony.

Today marks the 29th day of testimony in the Casey Anthony trial. She is accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, in 2008. Prosecutors allege that Casey Anthony suffocated her daughter with duct tape around her mouth and nose.

When Caylee initially disappeared, Casey Anthony claimed a non-existent nanny had abducted the child. Now Caylee Anthony’s defense team alleges the toddler accidentally drowned in the family pool and that Casey Anthony covered up the death because of emotional trauma she suffered due to abuse by her father and brother. Both men have denied ever abusing Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony faces the death penalty if she is convicted of killing her daughter.

Casey Anthony Murder Trial Halted by Caylee Anthony Paternity Question

The Casey Anthony murder trial ground to a sudden stop on Thursday after lead defense attorney Jose Baez questioned whether the defendent’s brother, Lee Anthony might be the father of her deceased 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Casey Anthony (ABC News)

FBI expert Heather Seubert was asked by the judge if she had done a paternity test to eliminate Lee Anthony as the father of Caylee Anthony. The prosecution protested the line of questioning and Judge Belvin Perry called a halt to the proceedings and dismissed the jury to go to lunch.

After the jury exited the court room, attorneys on both sides began arguing over whether the question of Caylee Anthony’s paternity was appropriate. FBI expert Heather Seubert reported to the judge that both Casey Anthony’s brother and her father, George Anthony, had been elimated the possible father of Caylee Anthony. So far, the father of Caylee Anthony remains a mystery.

Judge Perry warned Baez “not to ask questions that will lead to an inference… I’m not even going to venture a guess… as to your motivation.” When the jury returned, they were informed that Lee Anthony’s paternity test was negative, although they were not told that George Anthony’s was also negative. Most of the rest of the day’s testimony focused on details of the physical evidence found at the scene where Caylee Anthony’s body was found.

Anthony has been accused of murdering the 2-year-old toddler, hiding Caylee Anthony’s body in the trunk of her car and then dumping the body in a wooded area near her home.

Casey Anthony’s defense team argues that Caylee Anthony drowned by accident in the family pool. They claim that after the accidental death, Casey Anthony hid the child’s death as a way to ‘cope’ after suffering years of sexual abuse by her father and brother. George Anthony has repeatedly denied that his daughter suffered any kind of abuse at his or her brother’s hands.