Casey Anthony: Death Penalty Back On The Table


Yesterday afternoon, word leaked out of Orlando Florida that prosecutors in the Casey Anthony murder case have put the death penalty back on the table. It had previously been removed, but the state’s position now is that “sufficient aggravating circumstances now exist” for the death penalty. In a change of heart, lead prosecutor, Linda Drane Burdick, of the state attorney’s office, filed a letter of intent to seek the death penalty for Casey.

The death penalty’s return as a possible sentence for Casey’s murder of her toddler Caylee, means that her current lead counsel, Jose Baez, will not be able to try the case. Death penalty cases have strict trial experience requirements for defense attorneys that Baez does not meet.

Casey still has a high-powered defense team whose funding is still a mystery. They’ve filed a motion to subpoena cell phone records from George, Cindy and Lee Anthony, meter reader Roy Kronk, who found Caylee’s remains, all of Casey’s past lovers (a considerable number), and from her former friends. The return of the death penalty option increases the chances that Casey may plea down to recieve a life imprisonment sentence if she’s convicted.

George Anthony Reported Missing, Suicidal: Video

Orlando media sources are reporting that a despondent George Anthony, father of indicted-for-murder Casey Anthony, was reported missing early this morning after threatening suicide. He was later found at a Daytona Beach motel.

The Anthonys’ attorney, Brad Conway, said George was okay. He was taken into custody under Florida’s Baker Act, which allows the state to hold people involuntarily pending a psychiatric evaluation. (This is similar to California’s “5150” hold that allowed doctors to commit Britney Spears.) George’s 5-page suicide letter said he wanted to end his life, and go to be with Caylee.

The lead investigator in the case and several Orange County sheriff’s deputies responded to the house of George and Cindy Anthony late Thursday night. His family had grown increasingly concerned when George missed a scheduled meeting Thursday afternoon.

Sheriff’s officials and Conway said George left his home early Thursday morning and hadn’t been seen since. He reportedly took family pictures and prescription medications with him. Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood said George sent what were described as “disturbing” text messages to family members. Chief Chitwood’s interview is here.

“He had text-messaged family members that he wanted to end his life,” Chitwood said. “George is okay, thank God,” Conway said. “Had it not been for a cooperative effort between Orange County and Volusia County, I don’t know what the outcome would have been. George is now safe.”

George was found in Daytona Beach at the Hawaii Motel. Deputies used GPS and signals from George’s cell phone to track his car (watch raw video here). The suicide note was found inside his car.

“When they arrived on the scene, George was talking to them and was fine,” said Conway. “We’re having him checked out to be sure.” George was taken to Halifax Medical Center for observation. He could be held involuntarily for up to 72 hours.

George, wife Cindy, and their son Lee Anthony are facing possible criminal indictment charges, for obstruction of justice in the Casey Anthony case. George and Cindy’s granddaughter, Caylee Anthony was murdered, and her remains were found in December just yards away from the Anthony home in Orlando. Their daughter Casey is charged with her murder and is awaiting trial in the Orange County Jail.

Caylee Anthony still has not been buried, and her remains are currently in a cardboard box at an Orlando funeral home. Horrible. It seems all of the incredible stress and grief got to George and he snapped.

Did Casey Anthony Make Her Own Chloroform?

Orlando News Channel 9 is reporting that SOMEONE was looking up recipes to cook up the chemical chloroform on sociopath Casey Anthony’s home computer, around time her 3 year old daughter Caylee disappeared. If you’ve been following the case, you know that high levels of the deadly substance chloroform were found in the trunk of party-girl Casey’s car. Sheriff’s investigators have found that someone on Casey Anthony’s computer was researching not WHERE to buy chloroform, but recipes on how to make it yourself…which is apparently pretty easy. Bleach, or pool shock, acetone and ice are all you need. Do NOT go up in the kitchen and make this stuff. It is highly unstable and very deadly.

Chloroform isn’t supposed to be sold to the general public, but it IS sold on the ‘net, and it’s not that hard to buy. Buying it on the net, however, WOULD leave a paper-trail. When you Google “how do you make chloroform,” more than a million websites are listed with instructions. On one of the first ones, there is an explicit warning about chloroform, calling the chemical extremely dangerous and unpredictable. The warning says to NEVER allow children anywhere near it. Hmmm.

Channel 9’s news analyst Bill Sheaffer says it’s

“Another piece of evidence in the circumstantial chain. It’s significant because, if Casey made the chloroform as opposed to buying it, she could have been trying to cover her tracks. Buying it would have generated some sort of record. This way certainly, she could argue, ‘Alright, I was interested in looking into how to make chloroform, but I never did.’ Or, ‘That’s why you smelled chloroform in the trunk area, because I was experimenting in making it,'”

Right. Somehow Casey doesn’t seem like a big chemistry buff…she didn’t even graduate from high school. The question for Casey’s potential jurors will be…why would Casey buy, OR make chloroform? Last week, the Orange County grand jury heard from several witnesses, including the FBI and one of the sheriff’s computer investigators. Reportedly that information is going to be released to the public very soon. One theory being tossed about is that psycho Casey drove around for 11 DAYS with Caylee’s body in her trunk. That would certainly explain the many reports of the car’s horrible stench.

Things are moving rapidly since Casey was arrested for the third time, and this time was charged with Caylee’s murder. Casey Anthony’s defense attorney is going to start questioning his first prosecution witnesses in the case next Thursday. Some who will be taking the stand are an employee at the Amscot on Goldenrod and Highway 50 where Casey abandoned her car in late June, employees from Johnson’s Wrecker Service, the company that towed the car from the Amscot, and Casey’s ex-boyfriend Tony Lazzaro. What do they all have in common? They all had access to Casey’s car. (What else do they all have in common? No real motive for killing Caylee.)

Sociopath, selfish, golddigger, party-girl Casey needs to get served JUSTICE. And that’s a recipe only the jury can cook up.

Casey Anthony Case Before Grand Jury Right Now


A Grand Jury in Orlando is hearing evidence from prosecutors in the Casey Anthony case. Here’s a link to the webcams outside the Anthony house, AND outside the courthouse, along with a live chat with reporters. Prosecutors are wanting an indictment for murder of Caylee Anthony, Casey’s missing 3 year old daughter. If an indictment is handed down, Casey would likely be arrested immediately, and not granted bail.

Most of you are familiar with the case, but if you’re not, Snarkfood has many posts on the story. Our coverage includes the hundreds and hundreds of discovery evidence released by the prosecution. One new piece of possible evidence is a child’s dress found yesterday by Texas Equusearch . It looks like one Caylee had.

A simple majority vote is all that is needed for the Grand Jury to indict Casey. Casey’s father George Anthony is set to testify against his daughter, and will likely have to tell about Casey trying to prevent him from opening the trunk of her car. Brother Lee Anthony is NOT set to testify, even though he told authorities much about the horrible smell that came from Casey’s car. Hopefully, the workers at the impound lot where the car was towed after Casey abandoned it WILL testify to the horrid smell, one that they were familiar with. It was the smell of death.

Snarkfood will update this post when more news is available…in the meantime you may want to check the link above to keep abreast of today’s happenings.

Casey Anthony: Officials Release Hundreds Of Court Documents Today

Florida State Investigators released hundreds of pages of documents in the Casey Anthony case today. Casey, mother of tot Caylee Anthony who has been missing since June 16th. Highlights include hundreds of text-messages from the text-addict Casey, discussing party plans and relationship woes. She mentions little about her small daughter, Caylee, and admitted to a family member that she was an unfit mother.

Casey also thought ahead about the smell of decomposition in her car, and alerted her friends that a squirrel had died in the trunk. Yeah. Casey, as we all know, would not know the truth if it smacked her in the face. Or rather, would not TELL the truth. Read the documents here.
Warning- It’s a LOT. And it will piss you off. If you haven’t heard the police interrogation tapes where you can HEAR Casey lie, lie, lie, do so here.