Casey Anthony Probation for Check Fraud Ordered for One Year

Casey Anthony, who was acquitted on charges of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony, has been ordered to return to Florida to serve probation for a previous check fraud conviction. Anthony was recently sighted in Ohio and has been attempting to keep out of the public eye since her murder trial.

Casey Anthony has been ordered to serve a year of supervised probation for her conviction on charges of check fraud in 2010. Anthony pleaded guilty to stealing checks from a friend while her daughter was missing.

Judge Belvin Perry, the same judge who presided over the Casey Anthony murder trial, ordered her to return to Orlando, FL to face probation within the next two weeks.

Anthony was originally ordered to serve 412 days in jail and a year’s probation on the check fraud charges. An error in the documents for the sentencing resulted in confusion over whether Anthony had served her probation while she was in jail for the Caylee Anthony murder trial.

Judge Stan Strickland, the previous judge in the case, filed an order last month demanding Anthony report to serve the year of probation. Anthony’s legal team argued she had already served the probation while she was jailed.

The case was handed over to Judge Belvin Perry, who ruled that Casey Anthony should not have been allowed to serve her probation while she was jailed. Instead, he ordered her to report back to Florida before August 26 to begin serving the year’s probation.

In related Casey Anthony news, the Department of Children and Families has issued a report concluding that Anthony’s actions contributed to her daughter’s death and she caused harm to the child by not reporting her missing.

“The Department of Children and Families concludes that the actions or lack of actions by the alleged perpetrator ultimately resulted or contributed in the death of the child,” the report stated.

“The mother’s failure to act during those 31 days, ultimately resulted in her inability to protect the child from harm. In addition, this failure to protect delayed and interfered with a law enforcement investigation and best efforts to safely recover the child,” the report said.

Casey Anthony Mask Launches $25,000 Bidding War on Ebay

In some seriously weird news, a latex mask modelled after the face of acquitted murder suspect Casey Anthony has launched a $25,000 bidding war on eBay. The Casey Anthony mask is described as a prop sculpted for a parody video and there is only nine of them in existence.

Casey Anthony mask on eBay


The eBay description for the Casey Anthony latex mask, which features slightly bulging eyes and a pouty bottom lip, says it was created by “enigmatic pop artist/sculptor Torro.” Casey Anth0ny was found not guilty earlier this month on charges she murdered her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

“Halloween is only a few months away,” the description reads. “Forget Freddy, Jason, Meyers, here’s your chance to scare the *#&% out of everyone and win every costume contest with this amazing Tot Mom latex rubber mask, possibly the most frightening mask on the planet. And I can almost guarantee it’s the ‘only’ Casey mask on the planet.”

The seller, who goes by the eBay ID prophunter and has a 100% positive feedback rating from over 350 users, says the mask is “in excellent condition and it is numbered 6 0f 9.” The description concludes: “I kept one for myself because I know these will be priceless. A significant piece of crime history. No matter what your opinion of the trial is, this is still one heck of a conversation piece. I bet Nancy Grace would love one of these. Fits most heads sizes comfortably. Let’s never forget poor Caylee.”

Bidding on the Casey Anthony mask has already reached $25,100 at the time of this post. However, such items as these in the past have been known to have had false bids put in to manipulate the price upwards. We’ll be interested to see if someone really is crass enough to pay over $25,000 for this creepy reminder of a terrible crime.

Casey Anthony Released But Remains a Prisoner to Fear

Casey Anthony may have been released from jail, but that doesn’t mean she has much in the way of freedom yet. Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, and was released from prison on Sunday. Because of the serious possibility she could be in danger, however, Anthony is almost still a virtual prisoner even now.

The current location of Casey Anthony in this, her first week out of jail, is a secret known to very few. Her lawyers say that heavy precautions have been taken to protect Anthony from those who might have a “lynch-mob mentality” against her.

“She’s gone, she’s safe and elaborate plans had to be made to keep the people away from her,” Anthony’s attorney, Cheney Mason, told NBC’s Today Show on Monday. “Her life is going to be very difficult for a very long time…”

Another of Anthony’s former attorneys, Terry Lenamon, sais he thinks it would be safest if Anthony goes “underground” and spends some time “to get her life back together.”

On Friday, Anthony’s legal defense team said they had received at least one death threat against her via e-mail. Threatening messages and comments have been posted against Anthony online all over since she was acquitted of Caylee’s murder.

Some jurors from the Casey Anthony trial are still distressed over the verdict they handed down on the case. Several have admitted they believe Anthony had some responsibility in Caylee Anthony’s death, but that prosecutors did not present enough evidence to prove anything.

Although Casey was acquitted of murder, she will still face a number of civilian lawsuits over the cost of the search for her daughter. Anthony was found guilty of lying to police about her daugther being abducted after she failed to report the toddler was missing for a month.

Casey Anthony Sentenced to 4 Years Minus Time Served: Jurors Felt Sick Over Verdict

Casey Anthony was sentenced Thursday morning to four years in jail, minus time served, for four counts of lying to police about the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. Casey Anthony was found not guilty on Wednesday of causing the 2-year-old’s death.

Casey Anthony was acquitted on all charges in the death of Caylee Anthony, but found guilty of not telling the truth when interviewed by police about the toddler’s dissappearance. Anthony told police that Caylee Anthony had been kidnapped by a nanny, a story that later proved to be completely untrue.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry sentenced Casey Anthony to the maximum of four years on the charges of lying to police. However, Anthony could be released by late July or early August due to the time she has already served since 2008. Casey Anthony’s sentencing also includes a $1,000 fine for each charge of lying to police officials.

Anthony’s defense team had asked that the four counts of lying to police should be combined into one count because all of them happened during the same interrogation session on July 16, 2008. However, the prosecution argued there was “a temporal break between the lies” that sent police “on a wild goose chase” and so they should be counted separately.

Casey Anthony did not report her daughter as missing for over 30 days after the 2-year-old vanished. When the toddler’s disappearance was finally reported, Anthony told police she had been kidnapped by a non-existent nanny. She also supported her story with other lies that were later disproved by police authorities.

Casey Anthony’s defense team reserved the right to appeal on the charges of lying to police during the sentencing hearing. Anthony has 30 days to file an appeal. Judge Belvin Perry scheduled a hearing for August 25 to determine how much of the investigative cost into Caylee Anthony’s murder might be added to Casey Anthony’s fines.

Texas Equusearch, which helped in the search for Caylee Anthony, also wants compensation for the $112,000 and 4,200 searchers it says was spent on looking for the toddler. The company’s head, Tim Miller, told CNN he is considering a lawsuit against Casey Anthony.

Protesters outside the courtroom disturbed by Casey Anthony’s not guilty verdict screamed and chanted during the sentencing hearing. Meanwhile, inside, Casey Anthony smiled now and then while waiting for sentencing as she did Wednesday when the not guilty verdict was read.

Several jurors in the Casey Anthony trial expressed their distress over the verdict they felt they had to hand down in the case. “I did not say she was innocent,” juror Jennifer Ford told ABC News. “I just said there was not enough evidence.” Ford said the verdict left the jurors “sick to our stomachs.” However, they believed they had not choice but to acquit Anthony based on ‘reasonable doubt’ due to lack of evidence.

The judge and court officials are currently determining how much credit for time served Casey Anthony will receive.

Casey Anthony Murder Trial Halted by Caylee Anthony Paternity Question

The Casey Anthony murder trial ground to a sudden stop on Thursday after lead defense attorney Jose Baez questioned whether the defendent’s brother, Lee Anthony might be the father of her deceased 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Casey Anthony (ABC News)

FBI expert Heather Seubert was asked by the judge if she had done a paternity test to eliminate Lee Anthony as the father of Caylee Anthony. The prosecution protested the line of questioning and Judge Belvin Perry called a halt to the proceedings and dismissed the jury to go to lunch.

After the jury exited the court room, attorneys on both sides began arguing over whether the question of Caylee Anthony’s paternity was appropriate. FBI expert Heather Seubert reported to the judge that both Casey Anthony’s brother and her father, George Anthony, had been elimated the possible father of Caylee Anthony. So far, the father of Caylee Anthony remains a mystery.

Judge Perry warned Baez “not to ask questions that will lead to an inference… I’m not even going to venture a guess… as to your motivation.” When the jury returned, they were informed that Lee Anthony’s paternity test was negative, although they were not told that George Anthony’s was also negative. Most of the rest of the day’s testimony focused on details of the physical evidence found at the scene where Caylee Anthony’s body was found.

Anthony has been accused of murdering the 2-year-old toddler, hiding Caylee Anthony’s body in the trunk of her car and then dumping the body in a wooded area near her home.

Casey Anthony’s defense team argues that Caylee Anthony drowned by accident in the family pool. They claim that after the accidental death, Casey Anthony hid the child’s death as a way to ‘cope’ after suffering years of sexual abuse by her father and brother. George Anthony has repeatedly denied that his daughter suffered any kind of abuse at his or her brother’s hands.

Experts Testify About Caylee Anthony Remains in Casey Anthony Trial

Discovery Channel reality show star Dr. Jan Garavaglia testified at the Casey Anthony trial on Friday about Caylee Anthony‘s remains. Garavaglia, who stars in the Discovery show Dr. G: Medical Examiner, took the stand to detail how the bones found near Casey Anthony’s home were identified as Caylee Anthony’s remains and discuss the possible manner of her death.

Casey Anthony cries as experts testify about Caylee Anthony remains

“The cause of death was homicide of undetermined means, I believe we can reliably say it’s a homicide, but I don’t know the means for which that homicide occurred,” Garavaglia said.

Dr. Jan Garavaglia is the authority responsible for determining the cause of death in questionable cases in central Florida, including the city of Orlando. Garavaglia will return to the stand this afternoon to further discuss her conclusions about Caylee Anthony’s remains.

Casey Anthony began crying and shaking as anthropology professor John J. Schultz testified about the bones later identified as belonging to her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. Schultz said the bones had been chewed on by animals. He said Caylee’s vertebrae were all found together, which he believes indicates the body was intact when it was placed in the woods near the Anthony’s home.

“We collected all but one tooth. We have most of the spine, many of the ribs, all of the long bones, the tiny bones, hand, feet, left foot and we did recover one bone of the right foot. The only reason we have one bone of the right foot is because we had carnivore activity on that part of the skeleton,” Schultz said.

Casey Anthony wept during the testimony with her attorney’s arm around her shoulders. Anthony turned away as photos were shown to the jury of the torn and dirty clothing Caylee Anthony was wearing when she died. Shultz estimated the body had been in the woods for as long as six months.

Duct tape covered the mouth of Caylee Anthony’s skull, Shultz testified, but he could not be sure it also covered her nose. Shultz said there was no evidence of trauma to the bones. Prosecutors have accused Casey Anthony of first-degree murder and argue that she used duct tape to suffocate her daughter so she could be “free” of responsibility for the child.

Outside the courthouse, one woman was taken away by ambulance after she was knocked to the ground by a crowd of people pushing to be one of the 50 spectators allowed to watch the Casey Anthony trial from inside the courtroom.

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Graphic Photos of Caylee Anthony Remains Shown at Casey Anthony Trial

Graphic photos of Caylee Anthony‘s remains were shown Thursday morning at Casey Anthony‘s trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter. Casey Anthony appeared to cry as photos of Caylee Anthony’s skull were displayed in the courtroom.

Casey Anthony mug shot

Judge Belvin Perry warned those at the trial about the graphic images of Caylee Anthony’s remains and urged anyone who might feel sick to leave the courtroom. Casey Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, left before the photos were put up for display.

Orange County Sheriff’s crime scene investigator Jennifer Welch took the witness stand to testify about being called to the location where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found and detailed how she photographed the crime scene. Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Edward Turso testified about meeting with meter reader Roy Kronk, who originally reported finding Caylee’s remains, and taking his statement.

Defense attorney Jose Baez accused Roy Kronk in his opening statement of placing Caylee’s remains where they were found months before calling authorities to claim reward money. Kronk reportedly called the police to report finding a skull in the area several times in August, 2008 but nothing was found there at the time.

Orange County medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia said Caylee’s remains did not give any evidence on how the little girl died, only that they did not suffer any trauma.

Casey Anthony has pleaded not guilty to murdering Caylee Anthony. Although she originally claimed Caylee had gone missing after being left with a nanny, Anthony now claims Caylee drowned by accident in the family’s swimming pool.