Cate Blanchett Suffers Head Injury on Stage

Australian actress Cate Blanchett likely has a hell of a headache this morning. The award-winning actress was hit in the head by a prop during a live theater performance in Sydney.

According to a report on the Australia Macquarie Radio network, Cate Blanchett was struck on the back of the head with a prop radio during a showing of A Streetcar Named Desire at The Sydney Theatre Company last night (Aussie time).


Reports are a bit muddy whether the prop radio fell on Cate Blanchett or was thrown at her head by fellow cast member Joel Edgerton. Either way, it was allegedly all part of the show – up until Cate Blanchett started bleeding all over the stage from a head wound.

Blanchett reportedly tried to struggle on for a minute after being hit in the head and then fled the stage. The performance was cancelled due to “technical difficulties” and the audience was asked to leave.

Getting plowed in the head with a prop from a fellow actor is certainly what we’d call technical difficulties!

Luckily, a rep for The Sydney Theatre Company released a press statement saying the actress is “absolutely fine.” Blanchett will reportedly return to the stage for the next scheduled performance.