Hear Casey Anthony’s Interrogation Tapes- Released Today

Missing little Caylee Anthony’s sociopath mom Casey Anthony could be rearrested at any moment on MORE theft charges. This time, for stealing from her grandparents’ assisted-living account. Funds that were needed because her grandfather had a STROKE. Can’t happen soon enough for Snarkista!

But before Casey was arrested the first time for child neglect and lying to investigators, she was grilled up and down by police. Then she lawyered-up and shut up. As we all now know, Casey only knows how to LIE, LIE, LIE about everything regarding her poor daughter’s disappearance. And pretty much anything else. Now we get to hear Casey on tape. Orange County, Florida officials have released the audio of the tapes where Casey gets interrogated. And LIES. The interviews are in two parts, and highlight Casey leading police on many wild goose chases.
Interrogation tape 1: casey-anthony-interview-1
1:30 – Detective talks to Casey Anthony about when Caylee went missing.
2:48 – Casey talks about how she met Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.
9:30 – Casey explains what happened the day Caylee disappeared.
11:12 – Casey says who she talked to about Caylee missing.
13:40 – Casey describes how she tried to find Zenaida.
14:40 – Casey tells detectives why she did not alert them earlier.

Interrogation tape 2:casey-anthony-interview2
00:50 – Investigators confront Casey Anthony with all the lies she told them.
11:40 – Authorities try to get Casey Anthony to tell the truth.
18:15 – Detectives ask Casey Anthony why she brought them to Universal and why she lied about working there.
21:04 – Investigators ask about the toddler’s father.
22:33 – Casey Anthony asks cops to help her find Caylee.
24:17 – Detectives talk to her about the phone call she said she received from Caylee the day before.
30:53 – Cops say her behavior is painting her in a bad light.
35:56 – Casey Anthony denies selling her baby.
37:23 – Casey Anthony talks about her own mother, Cindy Anthony.
42:01 – Detectives ask if Casey Anthony believes her daughter is in a better place.
43:15 – Casey Anthony says she will lie or steal to find her daughter. She begins to get tears in her eyes.
45:30 – Investigators ask Casey Anthony about her car at Amscot. (Check cashing place).
1:00.44 – Detectives ask Casey Anthony that if they find her daughter that day what would be the next hurdle in her life.

Interestingly, near the end of tape 2, Casey refers to Caylee in the past-tense. When this happens with a suspect, it is almost always a tell for police and psychologists. Bitch also gets chummy and a little flirty with them…’cuz a sociopath LOVES attention. Well, Casey’s got some major attention now! Protesters camp outside her parents’ house 24/7. The media has gone nuts. And her daughter’s picture is plastered everywhere possible, despite mounting evidence that she’s deceased, and Casey’s probably the person who did her in.