Casey Anthony Appears In Court After Murder Indictment: Stupid Girl

Casey Anthony\'s mugshot after being indicted for murder

UPDATE: Casey Anthony’s first arraignment appearances have been set by the Orange County, Florida court. On Tuesday October 28, 2008 at 8:45 a.m. Anthony will appear before Circuit Judge Stan Strickland for arraignment in the First Degree Murder Case. She will return to court on November 5, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. for the child neglect and check fraud cases. Circuit Judge Stan Strickland will also handle that appearance.

Casey Anthony made her first appearance in court after her Grand Jury indictment yesterday for the murder of her 3 year old daughter Caylee. Casey went before Judge John Jordan, who read the charges against her and denied bond. As usual, stone-faced Casey was, well, stone-faced. No crocodile tears today! Here’s the video of Casey and her attorney Jose Baez this morning in court. Baez had no comment after the appearance, but a press conference will reportedly occur later today.

Cindy Anthony, whose attorney described as “medicated” last night (and therefore “unable to take a lie detector test”), made an appearance on the Today Show this morning and continued to defend her daughter Casey.

Last night on the Nancy Grace show, Texas Equusearch said they will mount “the biggest search they’ve ever done” for Caylee’s body. Meanwhile….

Garbage’s “Stupid Girl” is a GREAT song for party-girl, sociopath Casey.

Casey Anthony Indicted For Murder By Grand Jury

UPDATE UPDATE: Orlando 6 News Reports That Audio Of Part Of Grand Jury Deliberations Were Accidentally Broadcast During Deliberations. Great. Jose Baez is gonna be all over this like white on rice. CNN affiliate News 6 notified the court as soon as they discovered the administrative mistake, the jury stopped, and didn’t resume until the problem was fixed. Media have been warned that if they spill anything they may have heard, they will be prosecuted. Still, a BIG screwup on the part of the Orange County Court.

UPDATE: Casey Anthony’s Indictment Has Been Unsealed- Here Are The Charges From The Grand Jury:

Casey faces seven charges, including first degree murder. The other charges are as follows:
– One count aggravated child abuse
– One count aggravated manslaughter of a child
– Four counts of providing false info to a law enforcement officer

The first degree murder count carries with it the possibility of the death penalty or life in prison. Click here for more detail on each count.

An Orange County, Florida grand jury has issued a sealed murder indictment in the disappearance of 3-year-old Caylee Anthony and mom Casey Anthony was arrested shortly afterwards. The decision came after the grand jury heard more than six hours of testimony from a half-dozen witnesses, including Anthony’s father, George Anthony, and sheriff’s Detective Yuri Melich, who is heading up the investigation. They heard from police and cadaver dog handlers. The grand jury deliberated for about half an hour before returning the indictment.

Soon after the announcement the Orange County Sheriff’s department confirmed that Casey IS under arrest. Casey waited Tuesday away from the courthouse in an unknown location. Her attorney, Jose Baez, had said she would turn herself in if she was the person indicted.

22 year-old Casey has been called by investigators a suspect in Caylee’s disappearance, but so far had only been charged with child neglect, lying to investigators and some fraud and theft counts.

Shortly before the announcement, Casey Anthony was handed off to someone by her mom. In a bizarre twist, after Casey left her attorney’s office with her mom Cindy Anthony, the switch happened. They were then pulled over by unmarked Orange County felony officers under a bridge. The women were near an SUV that belonged to the Orange County Sheriff’s department. Cindy and Casey were pulled over after Casey apparently failed to return home by the 4pm time required by her home confinement agreement. Was Casey trying to make a last-ditch run for it?



Casey was placed into the officer’s SUV, taken away to the Orange County Sheriff’s department, and is expected to be booked into the Orange County jail directly.

Lawson Lamar, State Attorney in the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida, spoke in court shortly after the judge returned. Attorney Lamar stated:

“The spring term of the Orange County Grand Jury has listened to evidence today,” Lamar said. “And has heard evidence from scientific sources including the FBI laboratory, the Oak Ridge laboratory, an FBI agent and quite a bit of work done by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. “The investigation contains intricate forensics that are on the cutting edge of science. We are used to complex forensics and are ready to manage this evidence at trial.

They have considered the evidence; they have deliberated and have returned an indictment. In this indictment, the named defendant is not in custody, and for that reason, this need be sealed if your honor will so order until such time as this person is reduced to custody. Count one is a capital count and that being the case, and the State averring that the evidence is compelling, we would ask the Court to set bond at no bond on count one and issue a capeas.”

Casey seems to be sort of crying at the press conference held by her attorney, Jose Baez, although on the video there are NO ACTUAL TEARS. This is the MOST emotion she has shown since the beginning of this case. Sociopath Casey isn’t “crying” for Caylee, she’s crying for herself. At the impromptu media briefing, Baez said “She’s not running from this. She’s doing her best to stand strong, to stand up to the powers that are working against her. And they threw the kitchen sink at her a long time ago.” WHATEVER.


Casey’s poor father George was very emotional before testifying. He clutched a “Find Caylee” binder in his folded arms. “This is going to be very hard for me to do. The focus has always been on my granddaughter and always will be. I love my daughter, I love my wife, I love my son,” Anthony said.

He asked for the public to keep his family, especially Caylee, in their prayers. “If someone could take a moment out at 11 o’clock this morning and 11 o’clock tonight and just pray for her. That’s all I’m asking for. That’s all I can say.” This poor man has been through holy hell, and unfortunately, it isn’t close to being over. Snarkista is saying prayers for George too, who seems to be a good man, an honest man, and a man being put through something horribly unimaginable.

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Casey will appear before a judge on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. ET. It’s about freakin’ time.




Casey’s latest mugshot is below…and looks exactly like all of her previous mugshots. This is a sociopath. No more emotion at being charged with Murder 1, than when she was charged with child neglect, or forging checks. If we didn’t know the date, we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Breaking: Investigators Release Even MORE Casey Anthony Discovery Papers

UPDATE 10/11/08: Dr. Keith Ablow on Casey’s state of mind…Casey as a psychopath…Will she crack? Doubt it. (Below.)

UPDATE: Homicide charges are reportedly imminent in the Casey Anthony case, and the case reportedly will be handed to a Grand Jury. WKMG Orlando is reporting that the State will present it’s case next week, on Tuesday, to determine whether to charge her with manslaughter or murder. State Attorney Lawson Lamar wants to get the case before the current Grand Jury before a new one is seated.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has released hundreds MORE discovery related to the Casey Anthony case. The Sheriff’s office has now released a TON of investigation documents and NEW VIDEO in the case where mom Casey Anthony is the only named suspect in the disappearance of her 3 year old daughter Caylee Anthony.

The documents include surveillance photos and video of Casey Anthony fraudulently using her former friend, Amy Huzienga’s, Bank of America bank account (Video above). Also included are physical copies of the checks Casey wrote including those written out to HERSELF for cash, to Winn-Dixie and to Target. Surveillance video has also been released showing Casey using Amy’s checks at Target. Casey dropped Amy off at the airport for a trip to Puerto Rico and immediately went shopping with Amy’s checks.

Police have also determined that the shirt she was arrested in, a blue hooded t-shirt, was purchased at Target using Amy’s check. Nice. Same thing with the big sunglasses she often wears when going to attorney’s office, and to and from her jail check-ins. Oh, and sexy bras and beer. But she’s searching for Caylee!!!

Casey exhibits all of the characteristics of a sociopath…she has shown NO emotion about Caylee’s disappearance (and probable death). Previous discovery documents showed Casey as a big party girl, all about sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. Not real concerned about her daughter who’d been missing for 31 days before anyone reported her being gone.

Casey’s LATEST stunt is to try and convince a judge to let her leave house arrest to “privately” search for Caylee. Yeah. Casey knows that Texas Equusearch is hot on her heels, and will arrive within days to resume their search for Caylee’s body. No judge in his right mind would let Casey pull such a stunt, but if it WERE to happen, the media would follow her every move.
Links to the discovery evidence below.








Authorities Release New Audio Interviews In Casey Anthony Case

* UPDATE: Casey Anthony Sentenced to 4 Years Minus Time Served: Jurors Felt Sick Over Verdict

Orange County Florida Detectives have just released audio interviews today in relation to the Casey Anthony case. Casey is the only person of interest in the disappearance of her 3 year old daughter Caylee Anthony. It has been 71 days since Caylee Anthony was reported missing. Detectives believe that sadly, she’s dead. Authorities released hundreds of pages of transcripts on Tuesday, viewable here. These newly released audio interviews are part of the documentation detailed in those transcripts. They are interviews with three of the men closest to Casey…her lover, her brother, and her ex-fiance. 

Casey Anthony High-Fives After Leaving Jail For The Third Time

Casey Anthony High-Fives After Third Release From Jail

Some highlights include Casey’s brother Lee Anthony telling investigators he didn’t believe Casey when she said the terrible smell in her trunk came from two dead squirrels under the hood. Lee told investigators his first indication that something was terribly wrong was noticing the horrible smell wafting from Casey’s car trunk.

“The trunk was open. The windows were rolled down to what I assume ventilate the horrible smell that I had just, just, uh, smelled for the first time,” he said. “It was, it was, it hit you like a, a wave. I mean it was, it was, whatever it was it was very potent.” Lee also tells investigators that ALL of Casey’s email prior to July 15th (when Casey’s mom dragged her ass home) has been deleted. Everything.

Casey’s ex-fiance Jesse Grund feels Casey would have put Caylee’s body under her playhouse.

“If she wanted to place Caylee’s body somewhere that would be the first place that she would have put her.” Grund went on to tell investigators that Casey was a liar. “We can all tell, for the last couple of years, is that Casey is an effective liar. I would describe it as diabolical the way she lies.”

Video: More Audio Interviews Released By Authorities In Casey Anthony Case: “Confronting Casey”

Audio Of Interview With Tony Lazarro, Casey Anthony’s Boyfriend At The Time Caylee Went Missing July 29

Audio Of Interview With Casey Anthony’s Brother Lee Anthony July 29

Audio Of Interview With Casey Anthony’s Ex-Fiance Jesse Grund July 23

Audio Of Second Interview With Casey Anthony’s Ex-Fiance Jesse Grund July 31

Authorities previously released audio interrogations conducted with Casey herself. Casey seems to truly be an emotionless sociopath, and is caught in lie after pathological lie on tape. Casey shows little emotion about being caught in her lies. She has since stonewalled authorities, despite having been in and out of jail three times since Caylee’s disappearance. Casey has been charged with child neglect, lying to authorities, and many counts of economic fraud from stealing checks and using them. She is facing an estimated 70 years in jail for these crimes, but it would be unlikely that she served near that amount of time.

The huge amount of written transcripts show Casey’s texting addiction, with over 500 text messages Casey sent to her friends after Caylee was missing. Casey is wanting them to party with her, and there are only two brief mentions of little Caylee. Casey’s world was sex, drinking, drugs, and rock-n- roll.
You can hear the audio of those interrogations here.

Party Girl Casey Anthony
Party-Girl Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony: Officials Release Hundreds Of Court Documents Today

Florida State Investigators released hundreds of pages of documents in the Casey Anthony case today. Casey, mother of tot Caylee Anthony who has been missing since June 16th. Highlights include hundreds of text-messages from the text-addict Casey, discussing party plans and relationship woes. She mentions little about her small daughter, Caylee, and admitted to a family member that she was an unfit mother.

Casey also thought ahead about the smell of decomposition in her car, and alerted her friends that a squirrel had died in the trunk. Yeah. Casey, as we all know, would not know the truth if it smacked her in the face. Or rather, would not TELL the truth. Read the documents here.
Warning- It’s a LOT. And it will piss you off. If you haven’t heard the police interrogation tapes where you can HEAR Casey lie, lie, lie, do so here.

Casey Anthony Rearrested AGAIN

They should really look into putting a revolving door on the Orange County, Florida jail for Casey Anthony. The stonewalling, lying, sociopath mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony was rearrested again today. This time, Casey got faked out! Casey had to go to the jail to visit her case manager, and while she was there they popped her for more theft charges. Sweet!

Casey’s already been charged with economic crimes against her friend Amy, whose checkbook Casey stole and promptly used to clean Amy out. Today she got slapped with new charges from the cleaning job. She’s due to have a hearing tomorrow. This is the THIRD time Casey’s been arrested, and the list of crimes she is now charged with are child neglect, making false statements to investigators, and ten counts of theft. She is technically looking at 67 years in jail if convicted. Not that she’d get more than a few years. Casey also cleaned out her grandparents’ assisted-living fund, so expect her to have some more arrests in her future. Let’s hope one of them is for murder.

This re-arrest should cause Casey to miss at least a day or two of cable TV at her attorney Jose Baez’s office. That’s where she hangs every day, all day long. Hanging, and stonewalling the police. Her parents’ house is bugged, and there are tons of protesters in the front yard 24/7. Maybe the poor neighbors will get a little sleep tonight.

If you missed them, take the time to listen to the police interrogation tapes of Casey and try to count all the lies she tells. It would make a GREAT drinking game if it weren’t so effin’ tragic. And you’d die of alcohol poisoning.

Hear Casey Anthony’s Interrogation Tapes- Released Today

Missing little Caylee Anthony’s sociopath mom Casey Anthony could be rearrested at any moment on MORE theft charges. This time, for stealing from her grandparents’ assisted-living account. Funds that were needed because her grandfather had a STROKE. Can’t happen soon enough for Snarkista!

But before Casey was arrested the first time for child neglect and lying to investigators, she was grilled up and down by police. Then she lawyered-up and shut up. As we all now know, Casey only knows how to LIE, LIE, LIE about everything regarding her poor daughter’s disappearance. And pretty much anything else. Now we get to hear Casey on tape. Orange County, Florida officials have released the audio of the tapes where Casey gets interrogated. And LIES. The interviews are in two parts, and highlight Casey leading police on many wild goose chases.
Interrogation tape 1: casey-anthony-interview-1
1:30 – Detective talks to Casey Anthony about when Caylee went missing.
2:48 – Casey talks about how she met Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.
9:30 – Casey explains what happened the day Caylee disappeared.
11:12 – Casey says who she talked to about Caylee missing.
13:40 – Casey describes how she tried to find Zenaida.
14:40 – Casey tells detectives why she did not alert them earlier.

Interrogation tape 2:casey-anthony-interview2
00:50 – Investigators confront Casey Anthony with all the lies she told them.
11:40 – Authorities try to get Casey Anthony to tell the truth.
18:15 – Detectives ask Casey Anthony why she brought them to Universal and why she lied about working there.
21:04 – Investigators ask about the toddler’s father.
22:33 – Casey Anthony asks cops to help her find Caylee.
24:17 – Detectives talk to her about the phone call she said she received from Caylee the day before.
30:53 – Cops say her behavior is painting her in a bad light.
35:56 – Casey Anthony denies selling her baby.
37:23 – Casey Anthony talks about her own mother, Cindy Anthony.
42:01 – Detectives ask if Casey Anthony believes her daughter is in a better place.
43:15 – Casey Anthony says she will lie or steal to find her daughter. She begins to get tears in her eyes.
45:30 – Investigators ask Casey Anthony about her car at Amscot. (Check cashing place).
1:00.44 – Detectives ask Casey Anthony that if they find her daughter that day what would be the next hurdle in her life.

Interestingly, near the end of tape 2, Casey refers to Caylee in the past-tense. When this happens with a suspect, it is almost always a tell for police and psychologists. Bitch also gets chummy and a little flirty with them…’cuz a sociopath LOVES attention. Well, Casey’s got some major attention now! Protesters camp outside her parents’ house 24/7. The media has gone nuts. And her daughter’s picture is plastered everywhere possible, despite mounting evidence that she’s deceased, and Casey’s probably the person who did her in.