Katy Perry shares her fitness secrets

In a revelation that is half boring and half bizarre, singer Katy Perry has said that the secret to staying slender and fit is jumping rope… and regular facials at the spa.  When talking about how she keeps her figure, Perry mentioned all the usual stuff, like staying away from fast food and keeping an active lifestyle.  She said that she supplements her already busy schedule with jump-rope sessions, but that she’s lucky because she’s young with a fast metabolism (who would have guessed that?).

The pop star went on to say that regular facials at the Ole Henriksen spa are part of her fitness and weight control regime, which seems like a strange thing to add on to that discussion.  Part of me wonders how much the spa paid her to say that, but perhaps it’s just Katy having a ditzy moment.  Or maybe the Ole Henriksen spa really does provide weight loss facials.  I’d hate to see what that entails.