Hulk Hogan remarries

Hulk Hogan and Jennifer McDaniel got married yesterday at Hogan’s home in Florida, but even though the couple tried to keep things as quiet and private as possible, the ceremony was not without paparazzi drama.  At one point in the festivities, a security guard and a photographer got into an intense confrontation while guests stared in disbelief.

The area surrounding Hogan’s backyard proved to be the perfect perching ground for a host of journalists and photographers wanting to cash in on the action.  Hogan himself laughed it off and said that things sometimes get crazy when you least expect it, but honestly, if you can’t expect things to get crazy at a reality TV star’s celebrity wedding, when can you expect craziness?

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are married

Despite Russell Brand‘s promises that his and Katy Perry’s wedding would be normal, with nothing outlandish or extravagant, it seems the couple have wed this past weekend in a tiger reserve in northern India, and that the ceremony included a procession of elephants, tigers, and camels.  What, you mean your wedding wasn’t exactly like that?

Apparently the celebrations got a little bit out of control, and now Indian authorities are investigating claims that the Brands violated local noise pollution laws with their late-night music.  This follows another controversy from before the wedding, in which Brand and his entourage got involved in a physical confrontation with the paparazzi while Brand and Perry were enjoying a nature safari.