Diane Sawyer to Replace Charles Gibson on ABC’s World News

Diane Sawyer will replace Charles Gibson as lead anchor on ABC’s World News Tonight next January, Gibson announced on Wednesday. Charles Gibson, 66,  announced via a staff email this morning he would be retiring from ABC’s World News Tonight at the end of the year.


“I have always been taught you should never bury the lead – so I write to tell you that I have told David Westin I want to step down as anchor of World News, and retire from full time employment at ABC News,” Gibson wrote in the email, which shortly found its way to the media.

“It had been my intention to step down from my job at Good Morning America in 2007 but with Peter‘s illness, Bob‘s injuries, and Elizabeth‘s pregnancy, the job at World News came open in May of 2006, and David asked me to step in as anchor. It was an honor to do so,” Gibson continued. “I have asked Diane Sawyer to serve as the next anchor of World News, and she will assume that position in January.”

Diane Sawyer currently anchors for ABC’s Good Morning America. Charles Gibson has worked at ABC for 35 years and has served as the ABC World News Tonight anchor since May of 2006. Gibson stated he hopes to continue working with ABC News as a contributor.