Charlie Sheen has a real excuse for missing work

When actor Charlie Sheen didn’t show up for work on the set of Two and a Half Men this week, rumors started flying.  Sheen has been in a lot of hot water lately over incidents with hookers, porn stars, and anger management issues.  He also seems to be fond of drinking and drugs, so when he didn’t report for work, people assumed the worst.

When Sheen claimed that he didn’t come to work because of an “ear infection,” many rolled their eyes.  Well, turns out the man was telling the truth, at least in this instance – doctors have checked out Sheen’s ear, and have told him that he needs to stay in bed and not leave the house.  Apparently the infection is pretty serious, and was only made worse earlier this week when Sheen hopped on a plane in Las Vegas and the pressurized cabin intensified the problem.