Charlie Sheen allergic to cocaine and family time

What started out as an innocent trip to New York to spend time with his kids has turned into a nightmare of policemen, hookers, and drug accusations for Charlie Sheen.  While staying at The Plaza hotel earlier this week, Sheen allegedly went out drinking and doing cocaine, and then took a prostitute back to his room.

According to Sheen, at one point he noticed his wallet and cellphone were gone, and started freaking out and accusing the prostitute of having stolen the items from him.  He began to trash the room, she locked herself in the bathroom out of fear, and when the police finally arrived, apparently Sheen was so wasted that he couldn’t even button his own shirt.  He was then hospitalized for an elevated heart rate, which Sheen’s agent says was due to an “allergic reaction to some medication.”  Wink-wink.