Charlie Sheen backs out of deal with porn actress

The porn star that was involved in Charlie Sheen’s hotelgate scandal was offered $20,000 by Sheen as a way to help smooth things over, but it appears he never paid up, despite assuring her several times by text message that the ball was rolling for the cash transfer.

Capri Anderson was able to produce a series of text messages on her phone from Sheen, in which he apologized and said he felt really bad about the whole incident, and wanted to give her the money to help put things right.  Anderson, who does not have a bank account, asked Sheen if he could have someone leave the money somewhere secure, like with a rep at his bank, and he agreed… but it never happened, surprise surprise.

Charlie Sheen says reports of his impending death are greatly exaggerated

Over the past few days since the whole hotel fiasco, rumors have been flying that Charlie Sheen has been on a fast track to self-destruction, snorting half the coke in North America and romping around with hookers and porn stars.  However, it seems like those stories have been blown just a teensy bit out of proportion, as Sheen’s manager went to check up on him after hearing the rumors, and found Sheen relaxing alone at home, engaging in such reckless activities as “sitting on the sofa” and “eating a sandwich.”

Sheen apparently stayed in for Halloween and gave candy to trick-or-treaters, and is impatiently looking forward to making the next episode of Two and a Half Men on Tuesday.

Charlie Sheen allergic to cocaine and family time

What started out as an innocent trip to New York to spend time with his kids has turned into a nightmare of policemen, hookers, and drug accusations for Charlie Sheen.  While staying at The Plaza hotel earlier this week, Sheen allegedly went out drinking and doing cocaine, and then took a prostitute back to his room.

According to Sheen, at one point he noticed his wallet and cellphone were gone, and started freaking out and accusing the prostitute of having stolen the items from him.  He began to trash the room, she locked herself in the bathroom out of fear, and when the police finally arrived, apparently Sheen was so wasted that he couldn’t even button his own shirt.  He was then hospitalized for an elevated heart rate, which Sheen’s agent says was due to an “allergic reaction to some medication.”  Wink-wink.