Charlie Sheen Plea Deal Combines Jail Time and Acting Lessons

Charlie Sheen will be spending a month splitting his time between jail at night and giving acting lessons during the day as part of a plea bargain with the Colorado District Court. Sheen was charged with felony second-degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief related to a Christmas day attack on his wife, Brooke Mueller.

Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)
Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)

As part of a plea deal with prosecutors, Charlie Sheen will perform community service by giving acting lessons at a community theater in Aspen. Sheen will also assist with fundraising and promotional events for the theater.

The Two and a Half Men star will also serve at least 17 days in jail, spending nights in lock up and days at the theater. Sheen will also be sentenced to a three month probation period.

Sheen will plead guilty to misdemeanor assault in exchange for prosecutors dropping the other charges against him.

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Charlie Sheen Leaving Two and a Half Men?

Is Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen really calling it quits and leaving the sitcom for good? Or is he just holding out for more money? According to Sheen’s rep, the actor is interested in “new challenges,” but rumor has it he’s really seeking more cash to line his pocket.

Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)
Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)

Charlie Sheen’s contract with CBS for Two and a Half Men comes up this season and his rep, Stan Rosenfield, told CNN his client may not sign a new one. “Charlie has done this for seven years. There are new things to do, new challenges,” Rosenfield said. “He wants to do more movies, and doesn’t always get the opportunities during the hiatus [of the show].”

An unidentified ‘friend’ of Charlie Sheen reportedly told People magazine the sitcom star is ready to “move on” from Two and a Half Men. Other sources, however, are reporting that Sheen would be crazy to leave the show. He’s reportedly making $825,000 per episode and gossip mongers are claiming Warner Bros. may be willing to pay him up to $1 million per episode to get him under a new contract. ABC News reports that Sheen might just be willing to stick around – for the $1.5 million an episode he is allegedly asking for.

We think it would be insane to give up that kind of paycheck for a dubious future as a ‘comeback’ movie star – especially with Sheen’s ongoing legal troubles over his Christmas Day arrest for allegedly attacking his wife, Brooke Mueller. Smarmy celebrity lawyers don’t come cheap you know!

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Charlie Sheen’s Wife Brooke Mueller May Be Released from Hospital Today

Charlie Sheen‘s wife, Brooke Mueller, may be released from the hospital today after being admitted with a high fever and pneumonia in both lungs. 

Mueller was admitted to intensive care earlier this week because of a serious infection reportedly stemming from emergency oral surgery. Although she had a reported temperature of 105 degrees and pneumonia in both lungs, she is reportedly doing okay and may be released from the hospital later today.

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen (publicity photo)
Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen (publicity photo)

Mueller’s lawyer reportedly told his client still hoped to make a scheduled court hearing on Friday regarding the domestic violence incident between her and husband Charlie Sheen. Sheen is currently under a protective order to stay away from Mueller and they both reportedly want the order dismissed. Because of Mueller’s illness, however, the scheduled hearing has been scrapped by the judge and will be delayed until Feb. 8.

Charlie Sheen was reportedly granted a temporary lifting of the order so he could visit his wife in the hospital. “When Charlie found out Brooke was in the hospital, he immediately drove there to see her to show his love and support. Charlie can have contact with his wife as long as she’s in the hospital,” Sheen’s rep said in a press statement.

Rich and famous or not, we just wouldn’t want to be in this poor girl’s shoes this week!

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Charlie Sheen’s Wife Brooke Mueller in Intensive Care with High Fever

Charlie Sheen‘s wife Brooke Mueller was admitted to intensive care this morning at a hospital in Sherman Oaks, CA. Mueller is reportedly suffering from an extremely high temperature and may have pneumonia.

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen (Publicity Photo)
Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen (publicity photo)

Brooke Mueller was reportedly scheduled to have emergency oral surgery due to an infection. It is unknown at this time if the infection or surgery might be related to her sudden admission to the hospital. Mueller is currently being kept in the ICU; no other information has yet been released about her condition.

Brooke Mueller was scheduled to appear in court on Friday regarding the domestic violence case against husband Charlie Sheen. Sheen was arrested after a Christmas morning argument with Mueller, during which she told a 911 operator that he was threatening her with a knife and she feared for her life. Mueller is currently under a protection order to keep Sheen away from her, but the couple reportedly wants the order removed so they can talk.

Charlie Sheen has now arrived at the hospital where Mueller is being kept in ICU, reports. According to the protection order against him, he can visit with his wife and be in the same room – but is theoretically banned from speaking directly to her. We doubt either one of them will much care about all that right now.

Just sad. We hope she gets well soon and she and Charlie can get their shit together for the sake of their kids.

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