Jimmy Buffett tries to cash in on the Charlie Sheen thing

The Charlie Sheen craze is nothing if not good for business, and it’s not just Sheen himself who is cashing in.  Singer Jimmy Buffet has decided to try to market a a range of vodka and energy drinks called – you guessed it – Tiger Blood.  Buffet seems to be serious about moving forward with this, as he’s filed an application to trademark the Tiger Blood name for the purposes of selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

If the application is successful, it means Charlie Sheen won’t be able to use the name himself, and that Buffett will have the sole rights to sell the drinks under that name.

Charlie Sheen sort of apologizes, but not really

Charlie Sheen has been making enemies and burning bridges left and right, and after calling co-star Jon Cryer a “troll,” Sheen has decided that he’s only half sorry about saying it.  On a Los Angeles radio show Wednesday morning, Sheen said that he felt kind of bad about what he said about Cryer, and excused it by claiming that he was in a bad mood and was carelessly saying whatever came to mind.

However, when it came time to apologize, Sheen offered only what he called an “apol” – that is to say, half an apology.  Not surprisingly, Jon Cryer’s reps have been very quiet about whether or not Cryer will be giving half an acceptance to the half-apology.

An uncertain future for Two and a Half Men

Production has been terminated for the rest of the season for Two and a Half Men, due to the fact that Charlie Sheen has come out of his drug-induced haze and is pretty opinionated about a few things.  Specifically, Sheen has said some not-very-nice things about the producers of the show, and specifically used some pretty ugly words to describe Chuck Lorre, the show’s creator.

The producers have now shut the show down, but there’s no word on whether it’ll be back again next season.  Sheen is under contract for another year, but it looks like there’s some danger of the entire show falling apart.  It might be time for everybody to run like the wind and try to get as far away from hurricane Charlie as possible.

Brooke Mueller accepting Charlie Sheen’s offer

Charlie Sheen was recently reported to be looking for two properties in Los Angeles close to his home, one for each of his ex-wives.  The idea is that Charlie wants to be able to see his kids whenever possible, and he thinks it’s more likely if they live close by.

Brooke Mueller, Charlie’s most recent ex, seems to want to take Charlie up on his offer, and is reportedly working with the real estate agent in order to make it happen.  No word yet on whether Denise Richards is going to turn this into Three’s Company, but this is Hollywood, and stranger things have certainly happened.

Charlie Sheen trying to create one big happy family

Part of Charlie Sheen‘s rehab seems to be that he’s doing a lot of soul-searching, and has decided that he wants his ex-wives living closer to him so that he can spend more time with his children.  Sheen has started looking for not one, but two separate homes in Los Angeles – one for his ex-wife, Denise Richards, and another for his other ex-wife, Brooke Mueller.

Between the two wives, Sheen has four children, and he figures if he can keep them all close to him, they can have some sort of happy family.  Sheen has offered to pay for the houses plus all moving expenses… but of course, the two women in question would have to agree to all this.  Good luck with that, Charlie!

Charlie Sheen needs to get in shape

I know it’s surprising, but it turns out that a steady diet of cocaine and porn isn’t a recipe for fitness after all!  Charlie Sheen showed up at UCLA for some batting practice with a few friends who are pro baseball players, and after practice was over, Charlie said he was disappointed with his performance and that he felt he was really out of shape.

He did pretty well for a non-pro, but he said he could feel it was a struggle and he wants to do something about it.  Since then, he has been seen in the weight room every day, working out and doing some cardio to get fit.  Could this be the beginning of a new Charlie?

Charlie Sheen checks into rehab, big surprise

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that Charlie Sheen, the undisputed king of the out-of-control Vegas bender, has finally checked himself into rehab.  Last week Charlie was hospitalized with abdominal pains that turned out to be a hiatal hernia, after a 36-hour party that involved porn stars and a briefcase full of cocaine.

Apparently this was finally the wake-up call that was needed, and Charlie has now gone into a treatment facility for substance and alcohol abuse.  Lindsay Lohan, of all people, was quoted as saying that she was concerned about Charlie’s health – you know you’re in trouble if LiLo is a goody two-shoes by comparison.