Charlie Sheen can’t get enough of Vegas

As if he weren’t already pushing the limits in every way imaginable, Charlie Sheen was back in Vegas last weekend, living it up and even stealing the show, literally.  Sheen showed up at the MGM for Drew Carey’s improv show, and took audience participation to a new level by walking right up on the stage for an impromptu cameo appearance.

Given that Sheen’s mental and physical health have both been kind of shaky lately, one has to wonder if maybe he’d be a little better off laying off Vegas for a while.  If he keeps going crazy every weekend, it won’t be too much longer until he has a complete meltdown and ruins everything for real.

Charlie Sheen has a real excuse for missing work

When actor Charlie Sheen didn’t show up for work on the set of Two and a Half Men this week, rumors started flying.  Sheen has been in a lot of hot water lately over incidents with hookers, porn stars, and anger management issues.  He also seems to be fond of drinking and drugs, so when he didn’t report for work, people assumed the worst.

When Sheen claimed that he didn’t come to work because of an “ear infection,” many rolled their eyes.  Well, turns out the man was telling the truth, at least in this instance – doctors have checked out Sheen’s ear, and have told him that he needs to stay in bed and not leave the house.  Apparently the infection is pretty serious, and was only made worse earlier this week when Sheen hopped on a plane in Las Vegas and the pressurized cabin intensified the problem.

Charlie Sheen says reports of his impending death are greatly exaggerated

Over the past few days since the whole hotel fiasco, rumors have been flying that Charlie Sheen has been on a fast track to self-destruction, snorting half the coke in North America and romping around with hookers and porn stars.  However, it seems like those stories have been blown just a teensy bit out of proportion, as Sheen’s manager went to check up on him after hearing the rumors, and found Sheen relaxing alone at home, engaging in such reckless activities as “sitting on the sofa” and “eating a sandwich.”

Sheen apparently stayed in for Halloween and gave candy to trick-or-treaters, and is impatiently looking forward to making the next episode of Two and a Half Men on Tuesday.

Charlie Sheen’s date angry at being called a prostitute

Some more information has surfaced about the details of what happened in Charlie Sheen‘s hotel suite the night of the great rage fest.  It appears that the chaos was over a missing watch, not a missing wallet as previously reported, and the girl in question is 22-year-old Capri Anderson, who locked herself in the hotel bathroom when Sheen went off the deep end.

Now, Anderson has some pent-up anger of her own – she’s said to be extremely annoyed that the police keep referring to her as a “hooker,” when in fact she is actually a porn star.  It’s important to understand the difference – hookers get paid to have sex, while porn stars… oh, wait.

Second Charlie Sheen Car Stolen and Driven Off Cliff

Someone apparently has it out for Charlie Sheen‘s cars.  For the second time in less than six months, Charlie Sheen’s Mercedes Benz was stolen and ditched off a cliff by the thief. Sheen had another Mercedes stolen and driven off a cliff in the Hollywood Hills back in February.

Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)
Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)

The Los Angeles Police Department and fire crews responded to a call around 3 AM Tuesday that a car had gone off a cliff on Mulholland Drive. Police tracked down the car’s registration and found it belonged to Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen.

The LAPD contacted Sheen, who reportedly said he didn’t even know the car was missing. Once again, however, he admitted he had left the keys to the car in ignition.


We can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on here. So far Charlie Sheen has had two cars stolen, both Mercedes and both thrown off cliffs by the thief. Plus, both cars were stolen from a gated community.

An investigation into the two thefts, which we have to believe are most certainly related, is ongoing. Charlie Sheen’s car has been impounded and is being checked for fingerprints. Surveillance tapes from the security gate are also being reviewed.

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Charlie Sheen Plea Deal Combines Jail Time and Acting Lessons

Charlie Sheen will be spending a month splitting his time between jail at night and giving acting lessons during the day as part of a plea bargain with the Colorado District Court. Sheen was charged with felony second-degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief related to a Christmas day attack on his wife, Brooke Mueller.

Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)
Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)

As part of a plea deal with prosecutors, Charlie Sheen will perform community service by giving acting lessons at a community theater in Aspen. Sheen will also assist with fundraising and promotional events for the theater.

The Two and a Half Men star will also serve at least 17 days in jail, spending nights in lock up and days at the theater. Sheen will also be sentenced to a three month probation period.

Sheen will plead guilty to misdemeanor assault in exchange for prosecutors dropping the other charges against him.

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Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen Divorce Not Happening Reps Say

A Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen divorce is not happening, reps for the actor and his wife said in a press statement Monday. Rumors the couple was on the way to divorce have been circulating since a bizarre Christmas Day incident during which Sheen allegedly threatened Mueller with a knife.

Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)
Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)

“Please let us clarify this: They are not seeking a divorce nor has one been contemplated,” Mueller’s attorney and Sheen’s producer on Two and a Half Men said in a joint statement. and other gossip sites have claimed Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller have already reached a financial divorce agreement. The couple allegedly has not officially filed yet because they are waiting for Sheen’s court case regarding the alleged Christmas Day attack to be settled.

Mueller supposedly moved out of the couple’s home last week after reports Sheen has been seen visiting a paid escort. Sheen and Mueller’s reps, however, deny the actor and his wife are headed for divorce.

“There has been no financial agreements between the parties of any sort,” the couples’ reps said. “Stories to the contrary are false.”

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