Chelsea Handler Sex Tape a Joke She Says

Yes, the Chelsea Handler sex tape video is indeed real, but the comedienne says it was made as a joke years ago. The sex tape video was brought to light in a report by and features Chelsea Handler getting naked and participating in some rather explicit acts on film.

Chelsea Handler (E! News)
Chelsea Handler (E! News)

On Wednesday night, Chelsea Handler admitted the tape was real but said it was no big deal. Handler says she made the alleged sex tape as a joke when she was doing auditions years ago. I put it on an audition tape for a comedy club because I’m a comedian,” Handler said on Chelsea Lately last night. “It was made as a joke… I’ve been showing it at birthday parties for f***ing years!”

The Chelsea Handler sex tape video opens with the Chelsea Lately star wearing a work uniform and doing a stand-up comedy routine. Then the video suddenly cuts to Handler – in all her naked glory – getting it on with a male friend. The tape then cuts back to Handler doing her comedy routine. Handler’s rep told Radar Online the video is “an old tape that was done for a stand-up comedy bit.”

We think making a stand-up comedy tape spliced up with bits of X-rated porn is kind of a weird joke. We’re not quite sure we get the punch line on this one. Though we could possibly see how it might land you some work… or at least get you as far as the casting couch…

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