Johnny Knox Back Injury Not Career Threatening

Chicago wide receiver Johnny Knox‘s back injury in the Bears versus Seakhawks game on Sunday will thankfully not be a career ender. The Bears released a statement saying Johnny Knox will be able to return to the game in 2012 after he was bent nearly in half during a frightening collision with Seahawks defensive end Anthony Hargrove at Soldier Field. Watching the Johnny Knox injury video, it is amazing he didn’t come out of this nasty collision even worse.

Watching Bears player Johnny Knox bent in half on video after the terrifying impact with Anthony Hargrove is hella scary! Knox had just scooped up a ball from Calab Hanie right before the collision. Seahawks player Kam Chancellor managed to knock the ball out of Knox’s hands and the Chicago wider receiver dove for it. That’s when Anthony Hargrove hit him hard, bending him nearly backward.

Johnny Knox groaned on the ground for nearly 10 minutes while he was being worked over by medical personnel. He was then transported off the field on a stretcher by the dreaded cart. Thankfully, coach Lovie Smith was quick to tell the press that Knox “has total movement throughout his body, has total use of all his extremities” and is “not paralyzed or anything.”

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