Ryan Seacrest Stalker Sentenced to Two Years in Jail

A man who went after Ryan Seacrest with a knife twice last year has been sentenced to two years in prison. 26-year-old Chidi Uzomah, a.k.a. the Ryan Seacrest stalker, pleaded no contest to felony stalking in March. Now he’ll be spending a couple of years in jail pondering his evil stalker ways.

Ryan Seacrest on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Ryan Seacrest on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Chidi Uzomah tried to attack Ryan Seacrest with a knife last September outside of an Orange County hospital. A month later, Uzomah stalked his way – again with a knife – into the E! building where Seacrest shoots his TV show.

Chidi Uzomah mug shot
Chidi Uzomah mug shot

Luckily Ryan Seacrest’s stalker never managed to get his hands – or knife – on the American Idol host. In addition to his jail sentence, Uzomah has been ordered to stay away from Seacrest for 10 years.

All we have to say is that when this dude does get out of prison, we hope Seacrest has some extra security lined up. We doubt this crazy dude is going to listen to that court order any more than he followed the restraining order he was under the second time he went after Seacrest.

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Alleged Ryan Seacrest Stalker Arrested Carrying Knife

A man accused of attacking Ryan Seacrest‘s bodyguard with a knife last month has been arrested by police. Chidi Uzomah, the alleged Ryan Seacrest stalker, was taken into custody after reportedly being found inside the E! building where Seacrest works.


According to TMZ.com, Chidi Uzomah is the same scary stalker who allegedly tried to slash one of Seacrest’s guards with a knife outside a hospital last month after trying to get into a car with the American Idol host. The tabloid site claims a source told them Uzomah had a knife on him at the E! building as well.

Details are sketchy so far, but the alleged stalker reportedly entered the lobby of the E! building and asked to see Ryan Seacrest. A guard recognized him and called the Los Angeles police.

chidi_uzomahChidi Uzomah pleaded guilty last month to three misdemeanors over the previous stalking incident involving Seacrest. He was placed on three months’ probation and ordered to stay away from Seacrest.

Apparently, stalker guy didn’t understand the directions from the judge very well. Which will likely land him some actual, well-deserved, jail time for his second stalking incident.