Khloe Kardashian Punks PETA

Obviously, the peeps at PETA didn’t do their homework on the insufferable Kardashian family before choosing King Kong Khloe Kardashian as their new “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” poster girl. Why? Well, Khloe put it best at the unveiling of her gi-normous billboard, when she said “my whole family wears fur except for me”. Doh!

Big Kim seems to be the worst offender, according to Khloe. She says she’s been working on the entire brood to convince them to stop wearing fur, but says Kim will be the toughest to break. “Kim wore fur last night,” Khloe said. “I told her you cannot wear fur. It’s embarrassing.” Newsflash, Khloe: Big Kim wearing fur is about the LEAST embarrassing thing she’s ever done. At least she’s wearing SOMETHING.

Note to whomever styled Khloe for her naked protest- unless you were going for an electrocuted-fur-coat look for Khloe’s hair, you get a big FAIL. If you WERE going for that look, you get a DOUBLE FAIL. Back away from the crimping iron, pronto. You’re making Ken Paves look like a genius.