Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After ‘Graffiti’ Rant

Chris Brown has followed in the footsteps of Disney star Miley Cyrus by deleting his Twitter account. Brown recently used his Twitter feed to rant against stores he claims are “blackballing” his Graffiti album.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

On his Twitter feed, Chris Brown recently blasted stores for allegedly failing to stock his album. Brown posted: “im tired of this shit. major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to consumers. what the fuck do i gotta do…” Brown also posted that the music industry is being unfair to him over the whole Rihanna domestic abuse incident.

Brown reportedly based his accusations partially on a visit to a Walmart store where he could not find Graffiti on the shelves. He claims employees at the store didn’t know anything about the album. MTV News, however, reported the Walmart had previously sold out of the album and simply had not restocked yet. reports the album is actually underselling at most stores and many places are overstocked with Chris Brown cds they aren’t moving.

Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account on Monday after posting a final Tweet to fans. “I wanna thank all my fans for their support,” Brown wrote. “I love yall. Goodbye!”

Good riddance, in our humble opinion.

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