Project Runway’s Chris March Sues Beyoncé Designers for Unpaid Services

Project Runway season 4 contestant Chris March is suing Beyoncé‘s costume designers, Thierry Mugler and Tancrede Prinz, for failing to pay him for his work. The lawsuit claims Chris March was hired to design costumes for Beyoncé Knowles but is still owed nearly $45,000 for services rendered. However, the Project Runway and Project Runway All-Star Challenge contestant has no hard feelings against Beyoncé herself.


“Chris March’s lawsuit is not against Beyoncé, but rather against Thierry Mugler and Tancrede Prinz, who owe Chris money for having designed and fitted Beyoncé’s costumes,” March’s lawyer, Leslie H. Ben-Zvi said in a press statement regarding the lawsuit. “Beyoncé paid them, but they in turn have not paid Chris. Chris continues to be a fan and great admirer of Beyoncé, who looks beautiful in everything she wears, especially Chris’s costumes.”

Chris March, who placed fourth both on season 4 of Project Runway and in the Project Runway All-Star Challenge special, says he was hired as “head of costumes” for Beyoncé’s tour in  February. While diva Beyoncé Knowles was busy wearing his dazzling designs, Chris March was allegedly trying desperately to get paid for his work.


Although March, known for his elaborate costume work on and off Project Runway, is pretty pissed at Beyoncé’s design team at present, he’s still a Beyoncé-lover at heart. “Chris continues to be a big fan and admirer of Beyoncé,” Ben-Zvi said. “And Beyoncé is a big fan of Chris’ as well. She continues to look beautiful in anything she wears, especially Chris’ costumes.”

Nice self-promotion in the midst of defending yourself from Beyoncé’s ire, Mr. March. We applaud you.